Abstinence - Why more and more people prefer a life without sex

What's wrong with the trend to practice abstinence?

Even if it does not seem that way in our sexualised world, more and more people actively choose abstinence, albeit mostly for a limited period of time.

In a world where we are confronted almost everywhere with naked skin, sex and porn, one blunts one day more or less voluntarily against these sexual attractions. The fact that advertisements show the long legs of a lady who lolls seductively and extols a new razor is just as normal for us as advertising for sextoys. "Sex sells", no wonder that virtually everywhere we see naked skin in the eye.

But anyone who consumes pornography on a daily basis runs the risk of someday seeing their own sex life as too boring, not as varied enough, as no longer satisfying.

Abstinence in men increases the desire

For many men who want to practice abstinence, this temporary phase is a kind of challenge. They want to test themselves for how much they will miss sex and masturbation, and whether they will be able to stand firm. They thus test their willpower and at the same time want to be more sensitive to sex after this phase.

Many men feel a kind of energy boost. All at once they become much more productive. Instead of spending time masturbating and then falling asleep, the apartment is tidied up, dating friends and projects that have been delayed for a long time.

Abstinence in a relationship

Living in a relationship with abstinence? That sounds unbelievable to many. Yet, there are many couples who like to have sex often and still impose "sex withdrawal" on themselves. As a result, the partners achieve that the desire increases and they are more wild than usual after their sexual break. And increased desire makes it easier especially for women to come to orgasm during sex.

Abstinence in women

We have now learned that abstinence is very positive for both a couple and a male. And what about single women? For women, abstinence can lead to increased pleasure, but not necessarily.

Many women "wean themselves" during a sex break from the feeling of the nicest thing in the world, that they no longer miss the sex, but much more the feeling of love, closeness and warmth. If it comes to the "first time" after a long time, women often have a hard time coming to orgasm. You must, so to speak, "learn" this ability again.

Abstinence can increase self-esteem

It's similar to the bag of chips or the chocolate packet: we would love to instantly snatch it down, but if we thankfully decline the offer, we feel all the stronger that we have resisted later.

So it is also about the masturbation. Sure, we could take a hand on ourselves, but the feeling that we resist that urge and use our energy for something else gives us an incredibly good feeling.

Is a abstemious phase in the relationship worthwhile?

If you want to give your love life a certain kick and crave change, a two-week phase of abstinence can be a wonderful phase of increasing one's pleasure. But if you want to increase your desire for each other through sex abstinence, or rather by sextoys, other position and oral sex, this decision is entirely up to you.

You live abstemious, but not because you feel like it, but because you have not had a steady partner by your side for years? You do not wish for anything more wistfully than to finally be in a relationship again?

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