Finally women understand - How you become a dream man!

Finally women understand - How you become a dream man!

Understanding the female sex is not all that easy. But anyone who can empathize with them and try to understand a few of their thoughts will clearly have more success with the women. You think all women like fat cars, lots of salary, muscle mass and macho behavior? Wrong!

Definitely you can not generalize these preferences, because women are looking for completely different things in a man, which ultimately make him a real dream man.

Finally women understand - you have to know what you want!

Women find attractive men who stand in life, formulate goals and know exactly what they want. A man who does not know exactly where to go is unattractive, insecure and not single-minded. Women want to feel safe with a man. This means that they also want to give the lead and the male gender can take over this happy.

A lot of women still hold the old values ​​that say the man should appeal to a woman and take the first steps. So if you have the first body contact on a date, you'll soon realize if she likes it or not. Be careful not to rush. Self-confident women will send you signals rather than a shy woman.

Despite emancipation, women want to be guided. They want someone to protect them and make them feel someone is watching over them. No woman understands by a dream man someone who never wears the pants in the relationship and is constantly being interrupted.

Women finally understand - women want a well-groomed man who has charisma!

There is probably no aspect that detests women so much as sweat, dirty fingernails, greasy hair and bad breath. Body hygiene is the alpha and omega! Those who do not care and do not pay attention to their appearance minimize themselves the chances of a flirt or a girlfriend.

In order to feel well and radiate yourself, you should generally pay attention to the care of your body. Not only women should pay attention to hair, nails etc. Men are clearly not excluded from this. When it comes to positive charisma, you need to strengthen your self-love to you so that you radiate safety that greatly enhances your attractiveness.

In order to gain self-esteem, you must not compare yourself to others, you must accept yourself as you are and do not value other opinions. Try to work on your self-love to you. Because only those who love themselves can love someone else.

Finally women understand - social life and hobbies

Women love communicative men who have social contacts and take care of them carefully. He who has friends who are important to him represents his social side. People who have no social contacts at all and do not feel the need to maintain which usually have a strange effect on other people.

No one needs 100 friends, but our species is designed to love and share emotions together. Above all, if you are just lying around at home and have no desire for interpersonal relationships, women will not see a man who probably will not be able to have a love affair. Hobbies make a person interesting and unique.

Even if they are hobbies that may sound uninteresting to you, they are exactly what makes you the person you are. No woman wants a man who makes the relationship his only hobby. Of course, a relationship should be at the top, but it must not take the entire life. Find employment yourself so that you never become dependent on a partnership or a woman.

Women finally understand - women want a man with sense of humor

Women want a partner to laugh with, even until tears come. There is nothing better than sharing funny situations with a loved one and experiencing them together. Just do not try to get too close to it, then try to get rid of forced, unlovable standard spells. Women feel this rather than unpleasant, since they would now laugh out of courtesy.

Stay relaxed and relax. Often men are very nervous especially with beautiful women and do not really dare to really come out of themselves. You do not want to say anything wrong in front of the pretty brunette, otherwise she'll be right away and you'll never see her again? If you have such thoughts, please throw them overboard!

No master has fallen from the sky, even when it comes to flirting. Try yourself and try to work on your situation comedy. Jokes that arise through the context of the conversation seem much more authentic and fitting.

Finally women understand - The inner attitude makes it!

You feel good, smile, are obliging and radiate positive energy. "What a beautiful day!" And "Always see the positive" are your mottoes that are always in your mind. No question - everyone is in a bad mood and has a bad day. Generally, women find grumpy people who are constantly having negative thoughts, complaining and wondering why such a horrible thing would only ever happen to them, unattractive.

Women want someone who brings positivity into their lives. You need men who know how to get the most out of the otherwise hard life and enjoy the best options. Life seems to be much too short to win the grief and fears that everyone has. Show women how beautiful life can be and above all, how beautiful it can be with you.

Finally women understand - show the woman what she is worth to you!

Women want to be courted. You really want to feel what a lot of effort you would do for them. They want to feel valuable and needed, just like any normal person. If you like a woman, treat her as she deserves. Strive for her and show her that her value seems priceless to you. Make it clear to the woman that you want to form a team with her, and no one else.

The most important thing that most men do wrong is the lessening of attentive behavior. Even if you are sure that you have won her heart - never be too sure! Women who realize that you are too safe in everything will be quickly deterred.

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