To lead an open marriage? How far trust must go

Can an open marriage work?

Meanwhile, it has long been on everyone's lips that there are far more forms of relationships than pure monogamy. We live in a world that is increasingly open to sexuality and partnerships. But many couples remain true to the principle of perhaps talking about topics such as open marriage or an open relationship, but in the end come to the conclusion "Well, I could not do that".

Frequently, dialogues end with this statement, out of fear that the decision to have an open marriage could mean the beginning of the end. The mere thought of proposing an open form of relationship to the partner is usually accompanied by the fear that in the partner the feeling is caused that he is not enough for us or that we no longer have enough feelings for him.

So it often happens that many people remain in a monogamous relationship, really love their partner and in the end just trick him with another person, because they have longed so much for the sex with a stranger or one.

An open marriage only works if both want it wholeheartedly

Open relationships can work if there is really open communication between both partners. Only when both are able to speak freely about their feelings, both positive and negative, about their fears and worries, only then can both trust each other enough to open their relationship to other sexual partners.

Another requirement for the relationship to work is that there is a balance between the partners. Only then, when both feel the desire to experience sexual adventures with other people, even though they love the partner, the partnership is not endangered.

However, if one of them can only rely on this relational model for the sake of the partner, there is a great danger that one who does not really stand behind this relational model will someday doubt the partnership.

Honest communication is the cornerstone of an open marriage

Every form of open relationship requires clear agreements and rules. What is allowed, what is not? How much do the partners want to know each other about the sexual activities of the partner that took place outside the relationship? Are only dates allowed for sex, or is it okay if it results in a friendship? May one meet with the sexual contacts for coffee?

Importantly, both are always aware that sex and love must be clearly separated. That which exists between the two partners is true love. This is a deep bond, an understanding of each other and the feeling of being arrived. What is felt for the sexual partners is purely sexual pleasure, nothing more, nothing less.

And just in case: what if feelings are suddenly involved? If this happens, it is imperative that the conversation with the partner is sought. The butterflies in the stomach, however, does not mean the automatic release of open marriage.

Butterflies may come, but they also pass with time. If both partners are willing to hold on to the relationship because they still love each other and also want to spend the future together, the solution in such a situation may well be that of definitely having that particular one night stand or affair and to focus more on the partner in the near future instead.

Also about doubts and fear of loss may be spoken

If you have an open marriage or an open relationship, you will always be confronted with doubts and fears in the course of the partnership (as is the case in any monogamous relationship, by the way).

If one day one of the two doubts arises, such as the fear of not being able to reach the partner anymore, not being sufficiently loved or being jealous, it must be allowed to express these doubts without being afraid that's why the partner puts an end to it!

The topic of jealousy often plays a central role. To defeat them can be achieved by showing both partners that the profound feelings that they feel for each other really only exist between them. On the other hand, there is only one passion, one feeling of attraction.

If one of them is afraid that the other will leave him as soon as he expresses his worries, it is not good for the relationship. We would therefore like to emphasize once again that it is the very form of open marriage that makes it absolutely necessary for everyone to speak freely about everything.

An open marriage can strengthen and strengthen the relationship with each other over the years

By always requiring honesty and openness, many couples over the years find that they are growing together and their partnership benefits enormously from the open relationship.

Because almost all couples are happy to always be able to trust the partner. To be able to trust so much that both may have sex with others. In addition, of course, many are aware of how often monogamous relationships lead to fraud. Speaking openly about other sexual partners testifies to an enormously trusting relationship and is much more conducive to a happy life together, as repression, lying and cheating.

An open marriage can work if both really want it and not just engage with the partner. In addition, communication is the alpha and omega. It is indispensable that both talk openly about their emotional world and that there are clear agreements and rules that both abide by.

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