A woman rumkriegen - Tips on how to seduce women successfully!

You're wondering how to get a woman around?

Nothing went wrong on your last date. You flirted, laughed together and had fun. But at the end of the evening you started separate ways home. You really worked hard, but somehow you missed your chance to kiss her or even do more.

And somehow that has always been your problem. You arrive well with women, but a woman rumkriegen? That does not really work.

Now you're worried that you've missed your chance and maybe it could be the same on the next date. So you have to change something about your behavior, only what?

Tips for the first kiss with her

So you can get a woman around!

She must have enough faith in you

Women are quite willing to smooch or even sleep with a man at the first meeting with a man. For this, however, she must have enough confidence in him. Just the fact that she meets you shows that she basically likes you and wants to get to know you better.

So forget about your fears and doubts that you might not get well with her. Instead, work to build trust between you.

You can do this, for example, with the right topics for discussion. Stories from your childhood, from you and your pet, or from old schoolmates make her feel like she knows you forever. Tell her also about your dreams or your future goals. So you let them participate in your life and it quickly creates a close connection between you.

Judge your body language correctly!

Inextricably, people reveal their body language during a conversation, how they feel, what they feel and what they think of their counterpart. Pay attention to how she behaves towards you. Does she play with her hair, accidentally touch you in between and look into your eyes?

Bingo, then it's time to build trust on the physical level as well. You can do this by touching it "by mistake" every now and then. By the way, the hug in the greeting should already be the first contact between you. The classic handshake is something for your job, but not for your date. Here are a few tips on when there are ways to touch them:

  • Take her sideways when you show her something.
  • If you sit next to each other, you can always touch your legs with your legs
  • Compare the size of your hands
  • One of her hair strands is wrong? Arrange them
  • Touch her shoulder while laughing together

Pay attention to how she reacts to your touch. Is she tense, her muscles are hard and you can barely move her arm, for example, if you grab her hand? That's a bad sign. She still seems uncomfortable with body contact.

That does not mean she does not like you. It just means that it just takes a while to thaw out. By the way: If you can already lay your hand on your thigh while you both are sitting, you have already won!

Create an erotic mood through explosive themes

Through funny stories about your childhood, she got to know you better and you laughed a lot. But after all, you do not just want to be a funny guy, you want to get that woman around. So that now creates a sexual mood, so you should talk about other things.

Particularly suitable for this ambiguous jokes or a book in which it is primarily about sex. But watch out for your voice. Talk about these topics quite normally, as if it were something completely commonplace. A wrong undertone can now have fatal consequences.

Time for the first kiss!

Women expect the first kiss to be initiated by the man. This task is yours. Please do not ask for the first kiss. For them, there is no greater Abturner than if you ask them for their permission.

Try to watch her in a playful, cheeky way before the first kiss. Over time you will get a sense of when the time has come for the first kiss. We do not want to look her in the eye just before the kiss, but to look at her lips. So it can not only adjust to your first kiss, also it comes to no strange moment.

Be the one who ends the kiss! This shows you dominance. Do not beat her until she loses her lust and retreats. If you finish the kiss, it craves for more and hopes that you kiss her again directly.

Maybe you realize that she withdraws easily and you are disappointed that she does not want the kiss yet. Then accept that! In no case should you go even more in her direction when she backs away to still get your kiss. So you only destroy the trust that you have already built.

How to get her directly to bed on her first date is explained in our article Sex on the first date.

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