One disappointment after another - no interest in women anymore

Your past experiences with the opposite sex have hurt you

Again and again you were disappointed anew in love. How many times have you thought that you have finally found a woman that suits you? Which complements you. With which something solid will develop. With which you could be happy.

And then? Never has something come of it. Sometimes your buddies have been more interesting to you. Sometimes they let you spend the first few dates and then you suddenly stopped talking. Or they simply stated after some time that it did not fit and they were not interested.

Of course, you are fed up!

Many men are not interested in women after being disappointed over and over again

Your buddies keep telling you that it's not normal for you to have no interest in women right now. That you have to go to the slopes again to finally meet new women, flirt and have fun.

But you just do not feel like it. You talk to women normally but you just do not flirt at the moment. You are absolutely not interested.

And you know what? That's fine! Take this time-out!

Your subconscious mind wants to save you from renewed disappointments

If we have a separation behind us or have otherwise been disappointed in love, it is a normal process of our body, that we want to retire a little, want our peace and yes, even for a certain period lose interest in the opposite sex.

Our subconscious mind has memorized that the last encounter with a woman has been unpleasant for us and our feelings have been hurt. Therefore, our interest is now decreasing. Not aware of this with us, but we are just afraid of being hurt again.

Thus we close. We are not disparaging to women, but we simply look at them with the same eyes as men. We see them as people with whom we can have a nice chat, and that's what it has been.

At the same time, we find our own behavior and disinterest strange. How can it be that we currently have absolutely no interest in women? And at the same time a fear creeps on us. Will we ever be able to fall in love again? Will we someday feel more for a woman? Will we ever find the right one?

Yes, if you do not press yourself!

Do not pressure yourself! Do not be persuaded that something is wrong with you just because you are currently not interested in women. That's fine. And even if you absolutely can not imagine it, this phase goes by again.

Maybe you're going to get into your job now. Or you've picked your old guitar out of your basement and play it every night. And you absolutely do not miss anything.

But there will come the one day when you meet a woman who completely blows you away and for the first time you feel a tingling sensation in the stomach.

Just give yourself the time you need. Enjoy the evenings with your buddies, go out, have fun. Do your hobbies, do sports, do what you want to do.

The place decides what kind of women you meet

You may have been disappointed by women over and over again because you just stayed in the wrong places?

What we mean by that? Very easily. Those who spend their weekends only in expensive noble sheds, where there is a strict dress code and there is no drink for less than 10 euros, of course, first and foremost to meet women who are looking for a man who is well-heeled and them can spend the evening.

You may just be in an environment where you have invariably attracted women who absolutely did not fit you. No wonder you have been disappointed again and again and you have the feeling that almost all women are superficial.

Our advice? Just let the future come to you. Do not put yourself under pressure just because you are currently no longer interested in women. And just think about where you've met women in the past.

Who knows, if you practice other hobbies or go out in other clubs, you suddenly discover women who tick differently and maybe one of the ladies will wear their socks?

You are very interested in women, but you find it difficult to get in touch with women? You are completely out of practice flirting and have no plan what to say?

In a flirt coaching, we teach you how to actively approach women in your everyday life, how to approach them, flirt with them and even exchange their numbers in the end. So you too have success in women. We look forward to hearing from you.

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