Build a relationship - how to get along with her

You are incredibly in love with her, but you are not together?

Many men suffer the same fate as you do. They get on well with this one woman, are always there for her, often meet with her, but they are not together. This situation is familiar, is not it? Are you stuck in the friendship zone? Or if she is still unsure if she really should have a relationship with you?

We'll give you tips on how to build relationships with her without making you feel or need her.

So you do not end up in the friendship zone

So you can build a relationship with her

Our first tip: Repress the term friendship zone from your vocabulary. Many men complain that they are in the friendship zone, but how do they know that? Because usually it is like this: If a man has serious interest in a woman, he suddenly becomes incredibly shy and behaves strangely.

He is always there for you. Does she help with the move or does she remind you that her TÜV badge is no longer valid. But do you know what such men never do? Show the woman her interest. Because they are afraid of a basket. Because then they are taken the last hope that still could build a relationship.

And now we look at that from the woman's point of view. She gets to know you and sees you as a nice and attractive man. She always talks to you when you meet your friends, but she expects the first step to be taken by the man.

Nothing comes from you, after all, you do not want to reveal your feelings directly to her, but to make it clear to her by always standing by her side. So she senses that there is nothing coming from your side. And what does it do logically? She thinks you are nice, but apparently not interested. So she keeps looking.

And what does that mean for you? Stop thinking about whether you could be trapped in the friendship zone. It no longer exists for you from today. Because only the thought that she sees in you only her best friend, this one thought limits you to conquer them. Instead, you are now going to action!

Make her compliments

What you have not done yet, you should make up now. I mean, show her your interest. You can do this wonderfully with compliments. And we do not mean compliments in the sense of "Wow, your stew tastes really great". By that we mean that you have her interest. To her as a woman, not as a mere friend. So make her sexual compliments, which are not so rude that they are uncomfortable.

Trust yourself. Surely this will cost you overcoming and you will find it hard, but you want to conquer her and build a relationship with her, right? Overcome yourself calmly and say things like "Wow, in jeans you look absolutely gorgeous", or "The shoes make incredibly long legs."

Do not stop after the first compliment. It will certainly surprise you the first time, but you should not let that confuse you. She just is not used to the idea that you could also have sexual interest in her.

Meet her friends and her family

Try to take every opportunity to get to know your family or friends. That has a very simple mental effect. The more often your friends see you together, the more often they'll ask you what's actually going on between you.

At the outset, she may be waving at this point, declaring that you are just a friend, but do not let that affect you. Because while she says this, it's already rattling in her head and she's increasingly wondering what it would feel like to be in a relationship with you.

Meet together

Sure, the meetings with her and the friends are nice. But they are not binding. If your entire circle of friends is present, you will never approach each other. Or do you seriously believe that she will suddenly cuddle with you in front of a crowded staff? Say goodbye to this wishful thinking.

So you have to dare and suggest a meeting for two. You can achieve this, for example, by explaining to her "You Markus has canceled for today, but I have already prepared everything for the day at the lake. Let's meet at 13 o'clock as agreed and start driving. "Do not ask her if she would like to meet with you as a couple, but just suggest the meeting.

And finally: Show interest in other women

If our previous tips have not helped you yet, then you may start to be interested in other women. And while she is present. Are you with your friends in a bar and you notice that the lady at the neighbor table always glances at you, then just chat with her.

What should that bring? If she realizes that other women are interested in you, it automatically increases her interest in you. She thinks she must have overlooked something about you that all the other women see and begin to look at you with completely different eyes.

You can not manage to approach her despite these tips? Your dream of a relationship with her, you have long since buried? Then you should not let your head down, but be active and secure a place in our much sought-after love coaching. Because there you will learn all the tips from our flirting professionals, how you can inspire women for you and you can conquer your great love.

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