A juice day makes you slim

The summer lures with fresh, healthy fruits. Now smoothies and juices taste especially delicious and refreshing. For the right summer figure, you can now have a great juice day to detoxify and lose weight. Juice days can be worthwhile, especially in summer. This saves calories without burdening your metabolism. It does not have to be more than a juice day a week to lose a bit of bacon or keep weight after visits to the beer garden and barbecues. So you can really enjoy the juice day, you should prepare homemade and fresh juices, because then all important vitamins and filling fiber are included.

If you do not have time to juice juices, you can also get the fresh juices prepared, for example from the juice factory.

The juice factory is an online shop, a juice shop in the literal sense. There you can buy freshly pressed fruit juices. Either put together your own combinations online and have them sent to you. Or you already buy "taste tested" and popular juice combinations.

For example, the juice mix "Schnellfaster", consisting of: 64 percent tomato, 22 percent cucumber, 12 percent avocado, 1 percent chili and one percent basil or the juice mix "spring awakening" from 40 percent orange, 25 percent pineapple, 25 percent strawberries and 10 Percent kiwi.

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