A romantic evening - how to make her melt away

You are planning a romantic evening for your girlfriend?

Have you been planning to surprise your girlfriend with something special for a long time, just what? Not only do you find small gifts such as jewelery, perfume or flowers boring, but you also consider these things as embarrassment gifts that men like to pass on when they can not think of anything better? You are not entirely wrong. But for that very reason, we've collected some tips for you on how to charm and delight a romantic evening.

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A romantic evening is best heralded in the morning

Of course every woman is happy when she comes home and realizes that he has planned something very special. But even more beautiful than the surprise itself is always the anticipation. So it would be us if you already stick a small post-it to the bathroom mirror in the morning, on which you write eg just "I love you"?

Of course, you can just as well indicate that you are preparing something, eg, "Look forward to tonight". Alternatively, you can of course choose one of our favorite sayings. So you can be sure that she will come home relaxed from work and leave the mental stress on the company.

A romantic evening is easily organized

Remember that she will probably get tired and hungry from work. So what should you pay attention to in your planning? Right, there should be something to eat. Can you cook, of course this is the perfect moment to showcase your arts.

But also think about the trappings. Women pay attention to little things. So put napkins ready, use nice dishes, buy a good wine. And that the TV stays out while eating, you should be clear anyway!

Do not forget to put a few candles on it

Women love romance. And for many there is pure romance in candles. So if you live with your girlfriend, you probably already have some at home anyway. All you have to do is set it up and light it. If they are not there, we recommend going to a drugstore. For even though candles may be relatively unimportant to you, you will find yourself dimmed by light and candlelight that this is incredibly romantic.

Music works wonders

Of course, while you spend the evening, there should be no icy silence anyway. But to add to the mood, you can of course run a playlist of music in the background that you both like. Alternatively, it also does a radio. Even over the TV you can listen to the radio, as long as you do not switch and in the end sits in front of the flicker box.

Watch out for your own outfit

The most beautiful candles, the tastiest food, the noblest decoration, all this brings nothing, if you wear your old sweatpants and a T-shirt, on which stains are seen from cooking. As Karl Lagerfeld already said:

Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of his life. We are of course so strict and understand it when you slip into something comfortable at home. Nevertheless, this evening is not about the food or the music, but about you as a couple.

A romantic evening should have the purpose, just to be able to enjoy the togetherness, to talk about things about which one otherwise speaks less and to remember the partner. But just the last point is difficult when the opposite in shaggy clothes sitting in front of you and the traces of cooking are not overlooked.

For God's sake, you do not have to wear a suit in your own flat, but at least put on as chic as you would otherwise leave the house.

Make sure you have enough time

Relatives or other acquaintances prefer to call when it is most inappropriate. Are you planning a romantic evening for your girlfriend on a Wednesday and you are asked by someone if you are at home, then answer absolutely with a no. Because on such evenings usually calls the sister to whether you can spontaneously step in as a babysitter, or the mother is suddenly ringing at the door and wants you to come home immediately and you set up the Internet router.

And that's exactly what a romantic evening is about: time spent simply as a couple. Because that's exactly what most couples lack in everyday life and that can eventually lead to relationship problems and strife. So shut down your landline and your phone so you can totally remember each other.

A romantic evening does not have to take place within your own four walls:

Maybe you also have the problem that your apartment is quite small and therefore you are usually more with her? That does not matter, because a romantic evening does not necessarily have to be a candle light dinner. You can just as well take a walk together. Grab her hand and walk a track she does not know yet. How about a path where you have a great view?

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