Wedding rings - which material is best for the symbol of love?

How should your wedding rings look like?

Wedding rings represent the symbol of love in our culture, next to the rose.

No wonder that the wedding preparations also take a lot of time to find the perfect wedding rings. Which form should it be? Does a man's hand look better with a wider or a thinner ring? How many letters can be engraved? And most of all, which material lasts for a long time and is very scratch-resistant?

Questions about questions that can greatly influence the decision and have already many couples have deviated from their original plan.

Anger is poison!

Wedding rings made of pure platinum

The material platinum is especially suitable for allergy sufferers, as they are hypoallergenic. Platinum rings remind the inexperienced eye of white gold or silver, but in contrast to silver, the rings do not start after several years and do not darken either. Another advantage of the material is its hardness, resulting in almost no abrasion.

If the couple does not want a yellow-gold ring, platinum is definitely an option. In contrast to white gold, platinum is pure white. While in the case of white gold the yellow gold shines through over the years, platinum retains its original color.

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Wedding rings made of palladium

Palladium wedding rings have similar characteristics to platinum jewelry, but are cheaper. For this reason, palladium rings are now also becoming more common. In terms of color, it is reminiscent of platinum 600. Again, the abrasion is low because the material is very strong. The cheaper Pries is not due to a poorer quality, but solely in the fact that palladium is more common on earth than platinum.

White gold wedding rings

White gold is the third alternative for couples who want a silvery wedding ring. Many couples find white gold more modern than yellow gold and therefore choose this material. Since many young women no longer wear yellow gold jewelry, this is another reason that speaks for white gold.

Nevertheless, there are also limitations that should be considered in white gold. For example, white gold is softer than platinum and palladium. Scratches are therefore difficult to avoid in the long run. Also remember that the ring is not white gold through and through.

This is because white gold does not occur in nature. To obtain a white gold, the yellow gold must first be added other metals. As a result, yellow gold, for example, can emerge after a few years at 585er white gold. To prevent this from happening, the ring must be rhodium-plated at regular intervals.

This preserves the external appearance. Who does not want this color change, but also does not want to take the effort of rhodium plating, but wants to have rings that look even after years like freshly bought, which should rather be based on platinum and palladium.

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Wedding rings made of stainless steel

Not every couple has hundreds of euros available to make extra rings from a very expensive and high-quality material. Nevertheless, there are many offers for the smaller purse, which realize the dream of rings in the silvery or white gold-colored look.

The alternative is in stainless steel. Stainless steel, if processed well, may well be reminiscent of silver or white gold, but costs only a fraction.

Wedding rings made of silver

Silver is a precious metal, which is often used in everyday life and gladly in jewelry. However, when it comes to wedding rings, many silver is out of the question. Silver is an alternative for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on their wedding rings.

Unfortunately, the cheap price of the precious metal is also because it can start and is also softer than other precious metals. But silver rings can also be rhodium-plated, keeping their shine and color longer! Unfortunately, silver is not as durable as other precious metals. So if you think it's okay for the rings to change their appearance over the years, then silver rings can also be considered.

Golden wedding rings? Yellow gold wedding rings

Still a classic: the golden wedding ring. Popular for decades, it is considered the typical wedding ring. How expensive the yellow-gold wedding band becomes depends, above all, on the purity of the gold.

Please consider also when choosing the material the following: Who wants matte rings and buys these, but decides for a very soft precious metal, which must expect that the matte rings with the years shiny. Conversely, unfortunately, the same case exists.

Beautiful, shiny rings (if it is soft material) become dull as they get more and more scratches. If you are sure that you wish to have silver colored rings, then we recommend you palladium wedding rings.

These are just as durable and sturdy as platinum rings, yet they are affordable. If palladium is not an option for you, white gold is also a nice alternative, but remember that it needs to be regularly polished and rhodium plated. We advise against silver, as this is unfortunately a rather soft material. The danger is so great that the rings after a few years are no longer handsome.

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