Through thick and thin - tips for a perfect and happy relationship!

Through thick and thin - How do I manage to have a perfect relationship?

A relationship is a lot of work. A recipe for the perfect relationship seems absurd. However, there are some aspects that make up a longstanding working partnership. In this article you will learn how your relationship can work best.

Through thick and thin - What makes a happy relationship?

To have a successful partnership is much more than confidence and the same sense of humor. In a relationship, you should form an unbeatable team that can overcome and endure good and bad times. You should support the partner where you can and expect support from the other. What you give, you take and what you take, you give again. Common goals, norms and values ​​connect you to a strong unity.

Not in every aspect you have to agree. There should definitely be room for discussion. Quarrels are also one of the greatest relationships. To resolve conflicts, the communication between the partners should work well. Talk about things that bother and burden you.

Agreements are the nuts and bolts of a well-functioning relationship. Both should be privy to the plans so that being together and living together can work. In no case should a relationship take up the entire time, so that there is no free space left. Social contacts and hobbies may always be maintained.

Outside the relationship, life has to go on. So there must be enough freedom to keep the partnership fresh. Nobody should ever depend on this relationship.

It combines a great, funny and emotional moments. You laugh about insiders who only understand the couple. Reliance is always on the other and honesty is a top priority. You can show yourself how you are. One accepts the other with his quirks and mistakes and helps to make the best version of himself. You do not want to permanently enforce your own will, but take into account the wishes and suggestions of the partner.

Not to mention, let others feel that he is something very special. One feels loved oneself and gives back love. This brings us the beautiful feeling of being sought after and needed.

Through thick and thin - How does the perfect relationship last?

A successful relationship is maintained by introducing certain rituals. However, this does not mean that boredom must occur. But on the contrary! The feeling that the other one is very important must never go away. Show your love obviously. It does not always have to be the most romantic and cheesy gestures.

Small attentions, however, keep the relationship alive. Beautiful compliments create a mood in which we feel comfortable. Do you have plans that you would like to realize? Always tell your partner what's going on in your head. Of course, not every detail should be shared, as privacy is an important issue. But future prospects and wishes should be revealed. After all, we want to realize this in and during the partnership.

Through thick and thin - No relationship is perfect, but perfect enough for you!

An all too perfect relationship is unrealistic. That should be clear! But for you a good and happy partnership, must be desirable.

Both sides bring with them flaws and quirks that make a relationship first to that which ultimately is them. You have to feel good and feel a sense of having arrived. You should never have the desire to go somewhere else, especially on your own and thus without the partner. A relationship, as already mentioned, means a lot of work. In order to optimize a relationship, both partners must bring the will.

Highs and lows are an important part of a relationship that makes perfection difficult. This should therefore not be sought, since it is ultimately of a subjective nature anyway. As long as you are happy and live your life so that it satisfies and satisfies you, you have probably found the perfect relationship for you. Here you do not even have to compare yourself with all the perfect-looking couples!

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