By pullout games splinterfasernackt: Men and women to sex

How to get them to pull the covers off by pulling them out

The couple is on the way to him. The first date has been more than successful.

It's raining. Luckily, unlike her, he has an umbrella with him and hooks up with him so as not to get wet. But while walking to him he is anything but relaxed. Instead, it rattles in his mind: How should he proceed once they have arrived at his place? Sure, he offers her a little bit of his delicious wine. And then? Turn on the TV and watch a movie together?

Yawn, how boring. Nearly every guy pushes a movie as a reason to have a little fun at home. Unfortunately, the transition from dating to sex is anything but easy for many. Instead of enjoying undressing as a highly erotic foreplay, most men are afraid of it.

There is hardly anything better than a woman gradually unpack as a gift and explore piece by piece her velvety body. In addition, it can be found directly during the extraction, at which body sites she is particularly sensitive. How can all the other seduction artists build an erotic mood and find a transition to sex?

Sex on vacation

Pull-outs are the means of choice

Many successful charmers use seductive pull-outs to undress women. Ausziehspiele, that sounds a bit strange at first and reminds of the first approaches to the other sex in school camps with the classmates.

There are vague memories of games like bottle spinning. You want to eat it and start no strange games. Here is forgotten again and again that proper Ausziehspiele have a clear advantage: you are not only naked in the end, but you both heat up and increase your desire. Because a woman who is absolutely zero point zero damp, will not be so willing to take off from you as a lady who can not wait to see you out of sheer lust for you that her panties get away.

The 1 minute massage game

You massage each other for a minute. The special thing here is that you do not just massage your shoulders alternately. Instead, the one to be massaged next chooses the body location at which he wants to be touched. This body part is pampered for one minute, then the other one may decide where he wants to be massaged.

Because both of you are already in a sexual mood, no one would opt for a massage of his hands, but exciting body parts are selected, which additionally increase the desire.

Rock Paper Scissors…

The one who loses takes off a piece of clothing. In this way, it really does not take long for you to lie side by side without clothes, as a round of this game is only a matter of seconds.

Very classic: strip poker

Of course you will need the right cards for this. If these are on site, you should also know the rules of the poker game. Strip Poker is one of the most classic pull-out games. However, if you do not know the rules of the game and still feel like playing with cards, you can also choose any other card game, eg Strip Mau Mau. The main thing is that one of you loses and the rounds do not last long, after all, you did not make an appointment to play cards.

roll the dice

There are different games with dice. But they all have one thing in common: at some point somebody loses. And that is usually even fix. Decide on a game with as few rules as possible so that it does not get too complicated.

In addition, there are also special dice, which were specially developed for Ausziehspiele. On these, instead of eyes, different parts of the body are shown, which are then spoiled.

You undress each other and take turns

To lend oneself a hand is forbidden (clothing-technically). Instead, only the partner can gradually free the other from his clothes. Remember to take a break from undressing and continue to heat it up with your kisses on the neck and neck and the pressure of your hands on various parts of the body. The longer you take your time and the more you take care of her, the wetter she will be.

So you pull out her bra very easily

Opening the bra is an almost magical moment. Throughout the day you could only guess the curves through her T-shirt, now you can see them directly and can caress them. But in many one-night stands, affairs, and even relationships, this moment ends in disaster for the men. They themselves are almost bursting with desire, the lady next to them feels the same way, and then the stupid part of her breasts just does not work. What a love killer!

It is not so difficult to open the bra, you just have to get the hang of it and then practice it regularly. So how exactly does the buckle of the bra work?

The classic bra has two (very rarely also three) hooks on one side and two (or three) wire-bent eyelets on the other side. To close a bra, the hooks are clamped in the eyelets. To solve it, you have to move these hooks out of the two eyelets.

You take both hands on her bra on both sides. Your grip should be as close as possible to the hooks and eyes. Now you move both sides towards each other. You make the bra, so to speak, tighter.

This will cause the hooks to glide out of their eyes all by themselves. Maybe you find it hard to open her bra when you are standing in front of her. Of course, you can also stand behind her or she lies down on her bedside, so you can face your enemy in the face and see exactly the construction. This makes it even easier for you to open the bra.

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