You want to become more confident? Simple tips to succeed

You want to radiate a natural self-confidence?

Low self-esteem affects many areas of our lives. Often, for example, it hinders our professional career. This starts with the fact that in school and in education it is difficult for us to stand in front of a group and give a presentation. In job interviews, we do not dare to ask the things that really interest us, such as salary.

Even in private life, it is usually difficult for us to make new contacts and make friends. In a group where we hardly know anyone, we just can not get over it and start a conversation with the strangers.

We soon feel insecure, and often do not recognize irony. Instead, we quickly feel attacked and hurt, even though our opponent has just joked.

How can one become more confident?

1. Our appearance reflects our character

Our outward appearance is the first thing other people perceive in us. People who really struggle with extreme shyness often also tend to wear very inconspicuous clothing instead of emphasizing the benefits of their own body.

A changed outfit can do a lot! If you change your hairstyle, change your eyewear model to another or change your contact lenses, grow a beard or start making up and buy new, fashionable clothes, you will feel like a new person!

2. Our body language gives the environment how we feel

Those who do not look people in their environment in the face, but looks at the floor and also avoids eye contact during conversations, shows his environment very clearly that he is insecure.

From now on, our motto is: push your back straight, get used to an upright gait and look people in the face!

3. Do more sports!

There are several reasons why sport makes us more self-confident and open. The first is that our body changes positively. We become leaner or more disciplined. This change in the mirror image gives our self-confidence exactly the kick that has been needed for so long.

The second reason is that we feel good after exercising because our body releases happiness hormones. We are happy to have challenged our bodies and to have completed all the difficult training sessions.

The last point is that we have to leave our apartment for sport (unless we are doing Body Weight Exercises in the living room). What would we do if we were not physically active? Presumably, we would sit at home and read a book, watch television, play computer games and eat chips on the side. But none of these are activities that help us meet new people, become more confident, or feel we've done a lot.

Instead we lie in bed with a guilty conscience in the evening and feel we have wasted our time and nothing productive. And that's exactly what we want to avoid!

4. Smile and compliment

Who is friendly and accommodating, is also treated in a nice way. Why not just praise the colleague for taking off some of our work? Why not just greet the cashier and wish her a nice end of work after getting paid?

The friendlier you are to other people and the sooner you are ready to give a compliment, the more loving you become in dealing with yourself.

Who rushes through the city center and has put on a dogged face expression, which is guaranteed not come into contact with strangers. If you just smile and watch the people around you, you will find that many people smile at him.

5. Talk to your environment loud and clear

Why always whisper quietly so no one hears what we have to say? A loud and deep voice seems much more determined and self-confident.

Many people automatically speak quietly, believing that what they want to say is not important or that the environment does not interest them anyway. That's complete nonsense! What you want to say is important. So please calm down and say aloud what you think.

6. Get into situations that are uncomfortable for you

Sometimes we are forced to deal with certain situations in which we do not feel well.

Such situations can be, for example, a lecture in front of a large group, an important call with a customer we are actually afraid to talk to, or even a nice woman in the train.

Once we have mastered this situation we feel even better and are a little bit proud of ourselves. At this moment we have extended our comfort zone. We had to overcome each other and we succeeded.

7. Find out what you really want in your life

Do you have a fixed goal in mind for which you are working? Many people are burying themselves in their routine and their work and time just flies past them without them even having set goals for their future.

But only those who have the right visions for the future are determined to reach them and work towards them with motivation. And also this motivation is perceived by the own environment and classified as very self-confident.

Be sure to find out for yourself what you want to achieve. Do you want to visit another continent within a year? Then you have found a reason why you give everything every day at work.

Or do you want to finally realize your job and do something that is really fun for you? Then get active now and look for other job opportunities.

For those who take their own lives into their own hands and actively shape them, are self-confident and self-determined to the outside world.

If you want to be more self-confident, you will not achieve this wish overnight. Instead, it means a lot of work and above all the willingness and the courage to change oneself and to attack one's own life. You also want to become more confident, especially when dealing with women? But you can not do it alone? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our flier experts will help you and show you how to reach out to strangers in your everyday life, to address them, to overcome your shyness, and to flirt with them. We look forward to hearing from you.

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