You want to buy pheromones? How pheromones affect our love life

Why do some people attract us sexually magical?

If we encounter an unknown person of the opposite sex, subconsciously many processes take place in our body. Not only do we perceive our counterpart with our eyes and classify this directly as sexually attractive or unattractive, the smell of the other person also plays a decisive role in whether we are attracted to it or not.

The human body forms pheromones, chemical substances that are predominantly attractive to the opposite sex and increase the desire for sex. However, as some might suspect, pheromones are not a particular scent, instead we are dealing with odorless signal substances.

Men develop the pheromone androstadienone in their armpits; in women, the pheromone estratetraenol can be detected in the urine. In science, it is agreed that in the perception of these pheromones our mood is increasing, but it is still unclear whether this also increases our sexual desire.

In the animal kingdom, however, pheromones have great effects on mating behavior. Females are attracted to the perception of pheromones, and their fertility increases.

Humans also respond to pheromones, but less than the animal kingdom

Not only mammals use pheromones, they are also used in insects. Here, these serve not only to produce offspring, but also serve as a warning signal, for example, when the construction of enemies is attacked.

The studies on human pheromones are numerous, but the results are far from as clear as they are in the animal kingdom. The reasons for this are, among other things, that our nose, which is now quite stunted, has become stunted.

Although we perceive quite a variety of different smells, just think of the wonderful fragrance when we enter a Christmas market and the nauseating stench, when the meat is bad in the fridge, but compared to for example dogs, our nose is very insensitive,

Yet, humans are able to unconsciously smell over their noses how similar or alien the gene pool of another human being is. This ability protects us from being sexually attracted to siblings and close relatives. Instead, we especially find people as attractive, whose gene pool is very different from ours. In this way, nature ensures that we give birth to healthy children.

The industry jumps on the train and offers pheromones for sale

Like everything that sounds promising, pheromones have now been discovered by industry. If you want to buy pheromones, you only have to look around the internet for a perfume with pheromones, which of course should be bought for your own gender.

The manufacturers who offer the pheromones for sale, claim that they increase their own attractiveness enormously. As so often, however, we would like to advise not to believe in everything that advertising promises us to do. Only because of a pheromone perfume, the women or men are not yet queue with us, as long as we do not have the right charisma.

If you want to buy pheromones, you must realize that these alone do not increase the attractiveness

Whether it is advisable or not to buy pheromones in a perfume, everyone has to estimate for themselves. However, it should not be forgotten that the overall impact of the human being on the search for a partner is decisive.

A confident demeanor, a good mood, a healthy attitude to oneself and one's own body and a positive appearance have a much more decisive effect on your counterpart than an expensive perfume.

You want to buy pheromones because you just do not get along well with women? But you just do not know why this is and how you can change this, because you have already tried a lot?

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