You do not want to be alone anymore? How to find a partner

In some situations, we wish to keep a partner in the arm.

It would be wrong if we said that we are constantly suffering from being single. But we have to admit that there are many moments when we do not want to be alone anymore. In which we envy our buddies that they are all in solid hands.

For example, if nobody has time for us on a Sunday evening, because every one of our friends lets their weekend end with their partner. Or we appear again as the only unaccompanied at a party.

Why many people minimize their chances of a partnership

There are people who tend to become more and more critical with time, the longer they are single. They do not want to be satisfied with anything, which is not absolutely perfect. However, they also take the chance to meet a woman who really suits them.

You have a lot of demands on the opposite. For example, that it must of course crackle on the first date. What utopian idea! Of course it can happen to us that we immediately fall head over heels in love and immediately feel a tingling sensation in our stomach. However, we often have to meet with a person only several times and get to know them, until feelings arise on our side.

In addition, many singles have more, almost unrealistic ideas. Of course, it should look as perfect as possible, with many men at a certain age aware that cellulite and a few more kilos make a woman no less endearing.

But of course they find a catch: The woman is not self sufficient or self sufficient for them, exercises the "wrong" profession, has too divergent interests from those of the man, contradicts him once during the meeting or other "flaws" of the Man be taken as an occasion not to meet again with her.

Meet women before you make your judgment

Of course, there are people with whom we are not on the same wavelength and from the first second we know that we will never get on a green branch with these people. But we must first get to know many people before we can judge them.

So before you draw the sad conclusion for you after a conversation or an initial meeting that the lady does not suit you again, you should ask yourself, if there could not be a chance that you will get to know her better after getting to know each other better.

How sociable are you?

Many people like to call themselves outgoing, even though they hardly leave their home. Time to reflect your own behavior. How sociable are you? Are you taking all the opportunities that you have to meet new people? Be honest with yourself. How many times have you canceled recently when it came to appearing at a party or going out with friends?

Being sociable also implies that we do not just surround ourselves with the people we already know, but we are always looking for new contacts. Sure, in theory we are. In theory, we also do not want to be alone anymore. But in practice, we talk only at parties, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations with the people we already know. Towards new faces? Och nö. Join in the conversation next to us? D rather not. Talk to our buddy's buddy who has just been introduced to us? No thanks.

So you call that sociable, so so.

In this behavior, we are anything but surprised that you can not find a girlfriend. And how, if you do not dare to talk to strangers?

So far, you have completely misplaced your focus. You thought that if you wanted to find a partner, you only need to look for women. But is that really the case? Let's take a closer look at the aspect.

Go through your current circle of friends mentally. Which of these people did you really get to know by actively approaching him / her? And who of these did you meet again through other acquaintances? Most of the people who surround us in our spare time, we have met over several corners, that is, other contacts.

And that's exactly how it often happens when looking for a partner! You do not want to be alone anymore? Of course it is especially helpful if you actively approach women. But do not forget that a generally large circle of friends help you enormously to get to know a woman who suits you.

If you have a lot of friends, you will often be asked if you want to come on an excursion on the weekend, if you feel like having a barbecue or going to the lake and you are often invited to birthdays. So do not be disappointed if you find out at a party that almost only men are present. Instead, realize the potential that is in a true male friendship. Because maybe it's just the guy next to you, who has just opened his bottle of beer with a lighter, who introduces you to a good friend next week.

Do you dare to take your chance in everyday life?

And now let's be honest: how many times has a real dream woman sat across from you on the train, met you on the street or met you on your way to work?

And how many of these dream women did you actually address? Not a single one! No wonder you are alone! You have to overcome your shyness and dare to actively take the first step if you do not want to be alone anymore.

But this is the point where you always fail. Reason enough for us to give you several instructions for different situations at this point so that you are no longer alone and dare to actively seek contact with women:

  • Successfully address women in the club
  • Meet women on the street - so you talk to them
  • To address dream women in the park
  • The number exchange - How to get your number

Despite these tips, is it difficult for you to meet women? You do not know how and where to contact women and what to say? Then it's time for us to ask you for a flirt coaching. Our flirting professionals will show you how you can actively approach, speak to and get to know other women. So that you too find the right one.

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