You want to chat with a woman? So you flirt properly by sms!

You want to chat with a woman? So you flirt properly by sms!

You got to know each other on the street, in the club or in the train and an exchange of the numbers took place. He says "I'll get in touch" and she's waiting for a message. "Hey! Well, how are you? "Appears on her display. She answers politely. And now? How can you successfully flirt by text message, so that it finally comes to a date? In this article you will learn how this can work!

Chat with a woman - Standard news is boring!

Small talk or no way ... too much of a good thing can backfire. What do you mean, how many have received such news. How often she had to send the same answer. Let's think of something more creative than just staying on the same track. One question after the other is really not a conversation. If she talks about herself and answers a question, you can also write something about yourself. Pay attention to the length of the text message.

Is there something true about the 3-day rule? We clarify ...

What do we think of the 3-day rule? Write to your lady of the heart if you feel like it. You're definitely not getting any more interesting if you keep fidgeting her. You do not have to write her 5 minutes later. However, you can do this the same day. Many women think otherwise, you are playing a game. So avoid this tactic and write if you want it and how you think it is right.

Chat with wife - make the right compliments

Compliments are nice. Compliments make you happy. But those who exaggerate are immediately labeled as Schleimer. Above all, care should be taken that the compliments do not relate to the body. "Beautiful Butt" or "Great Breasts" are not great compliments you should make her. If it comes down to a date, write something like "Finding you really impressive" or "I like you very much and think we're on the same wavelength". So do not just reduce her looks and body.

Clarify your interest!

If you always give her your interest, she will realize that you are serious about her. However, I do not mean quantity equal quality. Do not bombard them with your messages, but underline your positive intentions. As soon as an exaggerated species emerges, the woman can completely misinterpret the serious interest.

German language, difficult language - Better to proofread too much!

Many people find spelling and grammatical mistakes extremely unattractive. If the first messages contain errors, you might have bad cards. So better fix your message before you finally send it off. Here is: Better once too much proofreading!

Chat with a woman - avoid sarcasm better!

Sarcasm is better avoided in news because it can often be misinterpreted without facial expressions and gestures. Above all, you can not clarify so well via SMS, what was really meant with this message. So be sparing with ironic remarks. Such are better used only when

Do not expect immediate answers

It's best if you do not get too attached to the other's answers. It is very important that you stay calm and relaxed. Do not expect an answer within a few minutes. And if she does not write back right away, just do not ask if she's got your message. That comes over very intrusive.

Do not put too many questions in a message - Successfully chat with a woman!

It's good if you ask her questions. However, there can not be too many inside a message. If you ask too many questions, you also ask too many answers. It is very good when you advance piece by piece and pick up intimate questions for the personal date. Of course, this should not be the first. With questions you communicate your interest. However, if there are too many questions, it may seem intrusive and possibly strange. Find the appropriate mediocrity here.

Chat with a woman - exchange the perfect pictures!

As soon as you have been chatting with a woman for some time, pictures / photos are exchanged more frequently. Choose carefully ... Do not take a picture that shows too much skin. Send her a picture, on which you smile and look friendly. Do not send her a party photo, however, where you can see more women. Otherwise you could immediately radiate the wrong intentions.

Do not write too long messages - Short and tight sometimes works better!

If you send too long messages, especially at the beginning, the recipient often has no motivation to read long messages. First, they should stay short and sweet. The most important thing, however, they should always include. Smalltalk also works by not too long messages.

Smileys - yes or no?

Some love them, others hate them. Who loves them, inserts many smileys and who hates them, as well as none. Those who love them interpret messages without smileys as negative messages. Anyone who hates smileys interprets a message with too many as annoying and exaggerated. Solution? Again find the middle thing. Save your smileys and do not exaggerate. But a nice ":-)" after the "Hey" can not hurt either!

Better ask for a date earlier than too late!

You two are on the same wavelength? It fits very easily and via SMS you get along great? Then ask her earlier for a date rather than late. If you wait too long, she might lose interest. Then she may write with other men asking her.

After a basket: Let it be good!

Did you get a rebuff - Let it be good! Sure, a basket is never beautiful. Never let the discharges get too close to you. Unfortunately for most people they are part of dating too. Do not be discouraged from chatting with other women!

You would like to write with women, but you fail because you do not meet women? Then inform us about a flirt coaching for men. In this our flirt experts show you how to successfully address women in everyday life and flirt with them. We look forward to hearing from you!

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