You want to meet more singles and finally meet your dream girl?

Where can singles be met?

Anyone who has not had a partner for a long time, someday wants to change something about this condition. He wants to meet singles again and of course hopes to fall in love again soon.

But ... where are they all frolicking, the singles who have their hearts to give away?

For someone who wants to meet singles, is online dating the key to success?

It seems very clear: in modern times like these, they are all online. Tinder, Lovoo, eDarling, the selection of apps and websites is huge. And the advantage: Here are really only singles who are also looking.

But is online dating really as promising as the ad always suggests?

Online dating brings several problems. The first problem already exists in the costs. If you want to look around on completely free pages, you will be stunned by many fakes. The chances of finding real singles here are dwindling. If you want pages without fakes, you have to dig deep into your wallet. So there are still free apps like Tinder. What about the chances of finding a partner here? If you use Tinder, Lovoo or similar apps, you are not looking for great love, but a spontaneous adventure. Again, it looks so bad with the great love.

Let's be honest: Of course, we are always a little better on the internet. We choose pictures of us, on which our chocolate page comes to light. Of course, the way we do it is done by the other users as well. No wonder we are disappointed in each other's first meeting in real life.

We do not want to advise against online dating in general. However, it is also a fact that getting to know singles online is not as easy as many people imagine.

There are numerous single events

What speaks against, for example, to look after Ü30, Ü40, Ü50 parties? There you meet people of your age, most of them are singles. Of course, there are also specially advertised single parties. There you have a guarantee with those present that they are also single.

Of course, single events are also available on a smaller scale. In most cities, for example, there are cooking dates where the singles can get closer together or the well-known Face to Face Dating.

Anyone who wants to get to know singles must generally strive for more contacts

Most people who want to get to know more singles, forget one important aspect: Of course, who finally wants to meet his dream mate, which is mainly concerned with contact with women. But male friends can also help us to find new partners and help us get to know more singles.

Why is that? Very easily. The more friends we have in general, the more we go out. Suddenly we are invited to birthdays or asked if we do not want to come along Friday night.

This helps us to go out a lot more frequently and thus make many more new contacts. Often we also get to know women directly through our friends. After all, it is often the case with private parties that many people (including women) are invited who we do not yet know and with whom we quickly get into conversation.

So do not focus exclusively on getting to know more women. Instead, generally try to make many new friends. Because these contribute in the long run that we get to know other people through them, even singles.

Finally use your chances in everyday life

This point will cost you a lot of overcoming, but it will change your life most sustainably.

Just talk to women in your everyday life!

Yes, read it correctly! Why do you look after numerous beautiful women every day, but do not dare to address them? Why do not you finally conquer yourself? I can tell you. Because you are afraid of embarrassing yourself and being rejected. You are afraid that she will laugh at you and point all the people around you with your finger and grin sardonically.

And besides, what should you say to a stranger woman? That does not work.

Should I tell you something? Excuses! These are all excuses! Excuses that prevent you from breaking out of your comfort zone.

You want to know what you can say to a stranger on the street and how you should address her at all? Please, in these posts we present you the solution:

  • Successfully address women in the club
  • Addressing strangers on the street during the day
  • Flirting with a pretty stranger in the park

At the beginning, it will cost you more than just to talk to a stranger and talk to her. But you will see that each time you become more confident and it is always easier for you to talk to strange women.

With you that simply does not work? You want to get to know singles, but you're terribly bad at making contacts? Then inquire now for a flirt coaching for men. Our flier experts will show you how you can actively approach other women in your everyday life, flirt with them and even get their number in the end. So that you not only meet singles, but finally find the right one! We look forward to hearing from you!

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