You want to meet people with whom you can spend your free time?

Getting to know people is really easy!

"That would be laughable if I do not meet anyone and find no friends, " you think and approach optimistic about your move. Your friends in your old home will help you load the van, drive you over the highway for two hours, and then help you carry furniture and cartons.

Three days later you are sitting in your new office and meeting your colleagues. Not your age group. An older team that hopes for a fresh wind in the production due to your new presence. The first few weeks pass and you realize that your everyday life is very consistent. In the evening you come home exhausted and are glad when you do not have to move anymore. At weekends, you still sometimes drive to your former home to meet your old friends there. But the constant Pendelei annoying.

For the first time this weekend you will spend Saturday and Sunday in the city you are not familiar with. You sit around and suddenly you realize that you have no one with whom you can spend your time. You feel alone.

How can I meet people and make friends?

In a world where the worker is required to be spatially flexible, more and more people are similar to you. They move happily and then realize with fright that it is no longer so easy in adulthood to make new contacts, as was the case in school or at university.

However, this also has a decisive advantage. The fact that more and more people are in a similar situation, there are more and more people who are also looking at your age for new acquaintances.

The only requirement for meeting people is that you become active yourself. From sitting around friends have never formed friendships. However, this costs the most overcoming.

Many people who have not yet made new acquaintances, do not dare just take this step, because they secretly believe that it is not enough to go out alone. They are afraid to go to a bar or a club alone, because they are convinced that it would be embarrassing to have no friends and everyone around them would stare at them, as they would look strange and strange to the outside world.

This is complete nonsense! Whoever sticks to this thought pattern will never get to know people, because he does not dare to take the decisive steps for this.

Which hobbies do you practice so far?

There are leisure activities that are great to practice from home. For example, reading, drawing, jigsaw puzzles, etc. This is fun and wonderful ways to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. However, we will not meet people.

Membership of a volleyball club, regular horseback riding, a running group or Zumba, on the other hand, are sports that make it easy to talk to the others.

In addition, there are also on Facebook for exactly your situation suitable groups. So-called "new in ..." group exist for almost every major city.

The only difficulty? Again, you have to overcome yourself and go to the meetings.

Who goes alone to celebrate, gets to know a lot of people

Alone celebrate, almost nobody dares. But why? Are we not good enough for ourselves? People who do not want to party alone, who are not even able to sit down alone in a café and have a leisurely sip of a piece of cake and drink a cup of coffee there, have a very low self-esteem. They think they would be misjudged by the environment for spending time alone.

Should we tell you what the environment really thinks? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The waitress will think that she has someone sitting at the table, who wants a cake and a cup of coffee. That's all.

Just in the evening to celebrate. The lady at the wardrobe does not care that you hand over your jacket alone.

In addition, celebrating by itself offers a huge advantage: we come into contact with many more people than would be the case if we had gone out into the nightlife with friends. Because when we are traveling with acquaintances, we have a group that we can always cling to and that offers us orientation and support.

If we go out alone, we are on our own. Suddenly no one accompanies us when we go to the counter and order a beer alone. It is up to us to cheerfully greet the nice group next to us.

However, if we have friends in tow, we will keep this guaranteed, ignoring the nice group and going back to our people.

Deep friendships do not arise overnight

No matter which measure you take: please do not expect to find very close and deep-going friendships directly. True friendships do not arise overnight, but grow over years. But they all start by getting to know new people, spending time with them, and getting closer to each other.

You may also find that although you meet a lot of people, you are not really on the same wavelength. Do not let that draw you down. Maybe you will get to know other people through these acquaintances, for example at birthday parties, etc., which are more suitable for you?

You do not just want to meet people, but a solid partner for life? A woman who walks with you side by side through good and through bad times? But you just can not find a woman that suits you?

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