You want to start a family, but the partner is missing?

At a certain age, the desire to own a family is growing.

In the past, we were not sure if we were the family type. More specifically, we never really thought about this topic. The focus has always been on other areas. The study, the part-time job, later the permanent employment and the own flat.

Our older sister married a few years ago and had children. We were happy for her, but we did not have a longing for our own family yet.

And meanwhile? By now, most of our buddies are not only in their hands, but already married or engaged. Last year alone, three friends from the Circle of Friends became fathers. Suddenly we wonder if we are actually happy. Whether that is the meaning of life. Getting up in the morning, working, cooking, cleaning and living only on weekends.

Suddenly we realize that we no longer need to ask ourselves whether we are a family type, but that we have long known. Yes, we are. What is missing for this is the right partner.

Do not start the topic of family when you are looking for a partner

Many men first want to get to know the woman with whom they have written regularly over the last few weeks. They want to know if they are in harmony with each other, if it fits sexually and if they can imagine staying together with this woman permanently.

And so several years go into the country, until the topic of children is even addressed. And you? She shakes her head, declares that she does not want children and moves away. Again we are alone, only that we have now "wasted" several years, in which we could have long since found the right one.

At a certain age, we must not miss asking the other person for his future vision at the right time. Finding this time is difficult for many. Especially women who have already crossed the thirties and are afraid that their time is running out, often ask their counterpart directly on the first date about how he or she is starting a family.

However, men commit the same mistake as well. Error? Why mistakes? Starting a family is a truly significant step. This is a decision that turns your whole life upside down and can not be reversed. With such important topics, we should not rant when first getting to know each other.

Why not? Very easily. We do not even know the person opposite us. So before we come to this important topic, we should first get to know the lady opposite us. At the fourth or fifth meeting, we can still hear how she or she wants to have children.

But what if she says right at the beginning that she does not want to start a family?

Do not waste your time if it is the wrong one

There is a drastic mistake that men make again and again. The mistake of hoping that biology will fix everything and that every woman wants to have children. In our culture, women seldom take seriously the words that they do not want to start a family. The standard answer to such a statement is usually "Yeah, wait until you find the right one" or "Wait a few years with this statement, then it's time for you."

This may be true for some women. Not every lady who does not want to have children at the age of 25 would like to renounce her own family ten years later. But rely on it? Dangerous. Those who rely on the hormones to make every woman wish to have children run the risk of spending several years with the same woman, having become older by now, only to find their opinion after several years together nothing has changed.

If you meet a woman who credibly assures you that she does not want any offspring, you should continue on the journey to your dream woman, and not waste your time with the wrong ones!

Nevertheless: Allow yourself enough time to start a family!

Yes, there are couples, where everything goes incredibly fast. After 3 months the engagement comes, after one year she is already pregnant. Of course it can work. Our gut feeling already tells us when we've come to the right place.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to take a little time. Get together before you think about marrying. Whoever shares the four walls with each other, gets to know each other completely new. First travel together! For many couples, there is the first, big noise on holiday because they suddenly sit together the whole day and realize that they do not harmonize as well with each other, as thought at the beginning.

Where should I find a woman who wants to start a family with me?

Every man will eventually find the right one, one sooner, the other later. How long it takes you to find your dream woman depends primarily on your own behavior. Those who only sit at home, whose hobbies only play in Playstation and drink beer, will be less in contact with women than a man who goes out with his mates in pubs on the weekend, who regularly goes to his sports club and has a large circle of acquaintances, which invites him to many celebrations and in turn meets new people.

It is crucial that you become active yourself! Of course, as an additional help, you can download a dating app, such as Tinder. Originally Tinder was looking for pure sex contacts, but already many couples have already found each other via Tinder.

But first and foremost, we advise you to become active in real life. Have you ever, just like that, addressed a strange woman on the street? Do you even know how that works?

Many men fail exactly at this point. They see many women every day and do not know how to get in contact with them. In order to find a way out of this situation, we have created several instructions for you that will guide you step by step on how to approach and flirt with women in different situations:

  • Successfully address women in the club
  • Confident response in the middle of the road
  • Addressing women in parks
  • So the number exchange succeeds

You are still missing the right partner with whom you can start a family? You're an open and communicative guy, but women are simply not interested in you or just see you as the good buddy? Then you should ask us for a flirt coaching. Our flier experts show you how to address foreign women in your everyday life and build attraction between you. So that you too get to know women, how true interest in you is.

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