You want to install a dating app, but do not know which?

You want to install a dating app?

By now you are so frustrated that you just can not find a wife, that you want to install a dating app now. But which apps are good? What needs to be taken into account when taking your own picture? How do you even write about strangers? Questions that want to be answered!

Anyone who digs through the Playstore on the smartphone in search of the perfect flirt app, notes that the mass of apps is incredibly large and not all of which is really good.

Which known dating apps are there and which one is worth the installation?

By far the best known flirt app? Tinder!

Tinder is well-known for its popularity among people under the age of 30, who are not looking for something solid, but want fun and are more into an adventure for a night out.

Is Tinder also worthwhile for people who are looking for something serious? We say yes! Meanwhile, word has spread that Tinder has also found some couples. Also remember that many women are not ready to meet at home with the guy at the first meeting. Many want to get to know him first, to make sure that both are mutually sympathetic.

A casual first meeting in public, for example in a café, gives you both the opportunity to sniff and sense whether you are on the same wavelength. If you are sympathetic, no one forces you to land in the box right at the second meeting with her. On the contrary, many women who want something solid do not want to sleep with you anyway. If that's the case with her as well, this is by the way an indication that she wants more than a one night stand.

Finya is also increasingly popular!

Maybe you've heard the name Finya before? Finya is a dating site that is becoming increasingly popular and used by many people looking to replace Tinder. Because at Finya are considerably more people on the road than Tinder, who want something solid.

So if your fear is too great that the women you meet at Tinder are only interested in a short-term adventure, then Finya could be an exciting alternative for you.

Lovoo is growing in popularity!

Lovoo is strongly reminiscent of Tinder. Again, you're on the wipe principle on the road. So you decide on your own because of the visual impression, if the lady appeals to you and you would like to write with her, or if you prefer to do without.

Because of that, Lovoo is also more likely to be dealing with young people who do not necessarily want a steady partner, but a quick adventure.

Choosing the right dating app therefore depends on what you are looking for. But with the right app alone, it is unfortunately not done.

Do you have the requirements to succeed online?

A dating app is only useful if you have good pictures of yourself. After all, let's face it: Would you like to date a woman who has just uploaded terrible pictures of herself? The women are just the same! If a man has only pictures of himself that does not show his chocolate side, your profile will be pushed away immediately.

For this reason, we quickly summarize for you what does not work and what is particularly important for women.


  • Selfies in the mirror
  • Photos above without
  • Group photos where she does not know who you are
  • Too many filters that make you unrecognizable
  • Photos that show you drinking


  • Outdoor photos
  • Photos that show you during sports (for example, climbing)
  • Photos showing you with a pet
  • A sympathetic smile

Success in dating apps is the one who makes an effort

Installing a dating app is a small thing. The real problems you will only learn when it comes to writing. What else should one write to a foreign beauty if one does not know it? Should one refer to her profile? On her picture? Or maybe just "Hi, how are you" writing, not to act like a stalker?

Okay, we want to help you to get the most out of Online Dating.

Forget messages in the style of "Hi, " "Hi, what are you doing, " or "Well, you." Especially "na you" is especially bad. Because ask yourself once what a woman should answer to it?

Please make it as easy as possible for her to respond to your message. That means, if possible, ask her an open question. Open questions make her not just send you back a "yes" or a "no, " but start a conversation. Be quiet on details in your profile or photo.

Let's assume her picture shows her riding. Most guys write her a message in the sense of "Oh, do you like riding?". Do you think this is also a good idea? Alright, let's explain why this message is miserable. She is so bad because it is quite obvious that she likes riding, otherwise she would not be sitting on the cattle.

Similar to pictures they show with a dog. The question "Well, do you like dogs?" Is simply superfluous.

How about a message in the sense of "cool hairstyle. But tell me, what's your four-legged friend's name so regularly trimmed and brushed? "

This is funny, cheeky and unusual. And in this way you kill several birds with one stone. The first thing you do with it is that you stick out of the crowd! And that is very important! Any woman who uses dating apps and uploads pretty pictures of herself is bombarded with up to a hundred messages a day. This means that uninspired messages are screened right from the start.

And that is exactly what you prevent with such a loose saying. And the second advantage that you create with it is that you almost have a guarantee that it will answer you! Because a man is so resourceful and writes such a message is quite a rarity.

Our conclusion?

Installing a Dating App is not difficult, the real issues come later. Often, the wrong profile picture and inappropriate messages reduce her response and eventually come to a first meeting. If it is contrary to expectations and the first date is approaching, however, many men find that while they are very courageous in writing, the courage is directly gone when the dream woman is suddenly in front of them. For this reason, we advise you to refrain from dating apps and to work on your own self-confidence, so that you are able to address women in real life.

You would never dare to talk to such a woman? Much too big is your fear of rejection? Then it is high time that you book a flirt coaching with us! Our flirting coaches show you how to overcome your fears and successfully approach strangers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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