You want to change your life? 7 steps to help you

You do not want to continue your life as you did before.

Every person gets to a point in his life when he begins to doubt all the decisions he has ever made. Suddenly, we reflect on our own lives, the way we have designed and used them (or have not used them) and panic if that's what it's been.

How many times have we sworn on New Year's Eve that everything should change in the New Year? It should be better. And what did it end up as? Nothing. We continued to hold on to our daily routine. We still could not motivate ourselves to tackle unpleasant things, even though we knew we would feel better if we did not delay these things.

But why? Why do not we manage to give ourselves a jolt? To change our lives so that we are really happy? The reasons are quickly found: For this two things are necessary, courage and perseverance.

Become aware of what you want to change in your life:

What is it that makes you currently unhappy? Is it your job? Is it the fact that you hardly use your free time and have never traveled much? Are you annoyed that you can never say no? Do you want to lose weight for years, but you just can not do it? Have you been dreaming about becoming self-employed for a long time, but are you afraid of this big step? Are you stuck in an unhappy relationship, but you just can not manage to end it because you think you're financially dependent?

Summarize for you the points that you have been dreaming for a long time and that you have made again and again. Stop your eyes from your longings for fear of the future. Be open to them and become aware that you can achieve these goals!

Realizing the true dreams takes effort and effort

There are little things in life that can be done in a few simple steps. For example, the plan to finally get neater. You can start this today by starting to wash the dishes. Or the goal of not postponing unpleasant things. Call right now with your insurance, health insurance, or whatever is up to you.

But there are also other dreams, wishes and goals that require more time. Some need weeks, others need months or even years to work. Exactly this fact deters many people from even beginning to implement it! Man is a habit animal. So why break out of a situation that may not be optimal, but not absolutely unbearable?

Simply because you are not happy! However, you only have one life in which you can become happy! You should never forget this fact.

It is important that we immediately start to work on our dreams. Even if we know that, for example, the project to take over months will continue, we have the opportunity today, our fridge to clear out. Even if we are aware that we can not build a new circle of friends overnight, we can still look for a sports club today, where we sign up. There's no point in postponing goals to tomorrow or saying, "Next week, Monday, I'll start". If we want to change our lives, we have to start immediately.

Stay motivated!

Especially at the beginning we are often very motivated. Similar to New Year's Eve, as we set out for Christmas, this year we really lose the 20 kilos that the doctor considers very dangerous. But as soon as our motivation emerged at the beginning, as fast as it often disappears again after only a few weeks.

People who have high goals from the start are disappointed if they do not reach them. If it does not fall 10 kilos within four weeks, the diet plan will be thrown into the corner out of frustration. If things are not going really fast at work, we immediately give up and supersede the idea that we wanted to give everything to ask for a promotion and a higher salary.

It's okay to set yourself big goals. To achieve this, however, it is at least as important to make small intermediate stages.

To make the four-week trip to the United States possible, the first step is to create a savings account and a budget that tracks spending and revenue. To lose that bothersome overweight, an interim goal may be to first make the first five pounds and stick to doing sports twice a week. In order not to slip into bankruptcy during the step into self-employment, the business idea must first be carefully considered and then the right financing be considered, before we simply cancel the current job.

Every stage we have accomplished confirms that we are on the right path and motivates us to continue to stick to our plan.

You yourself have to believe in your success. Anyone who makes a goal, but subconsciously persuades that this will never work, will not achieve his dreams either.

You alone are responsible for your happiness!

Be aware that you are living your life alone, and your own happiness depends only on yourself. Too often, we look for excuses, which is why we have failed to live our lives the way we once imagined.

This leads to negative trains of thought in which our (former) environment is responsible for where we are currently in our lives. Then phrases like the following circulate through our heads:

  • Just because of my ex, I quit my dream job and moved to her, hated city
  • Only because of my choleric boss I do not dare to quit
  • My former employers blame me for failing to find a new job because of the bad work certificates
  • Since my parents did not pay attention to my diet during my childhood, I have been fat since I was little and can not lose this weight anymore
  • My parents blame me for studying business administration and working in an area where I never wanted to land

However, looking at these examples objectively, we find that it is not the environment that is responsible for our misfortune. We each acted actively and made a decision. Who wants to change his life, must realize that he is responsible for himself.

We should not have had to move to another city for the ex, in which we do not feel well. We do not have to stick to a terrible job because we are afraid of the employer's reaction. The parents are responsible for the overweight of children, but we are already adults and have our diet in our own hands. The bad work certificates do not result from the fact that the former bosses are all inhumane, but that we did not make enough effort. And the choice of study program was ultimately with us.

Only when we accept that we alone are responsible for our life and our decision, we are also able to turn our behavior.

If you want to change your life, you also have to cope with setbacks

Those who want to become active and change their lives will always experience setbacks. Often we make the mistake and get discouraged. Suddenly 5 kilos are on the scales again and we are forgetting that we have already lost 12 pounds. Suddenly, someone unknown pushes us a stupid slogan, and our self-esteem, which we have worked so hard for, sinks back to zero. All of a sudden, the parents blame us on how we could just quit our well-paid job and doubt whether it was right to change to a whole new industry that we enjoy, but in which we also earn less.

But why do we let it pull us down? It makes much more sense to draw strength from the setbacks. We show our environment what we work so hard for and prove to ourselves and to everyone else that we can do it!

Do not concern yourself with the happiness of others, but with your own!

We always want what others have. We want the great figure of the neighbor or the muscles of the neighbor, we want a loving partner or partner as our friends have them, we would like to earn as much as our siblings, we would like at least as much free time, like at the cousin is the case.

Every day we deal with the happiness of others, which ends on our side often with envy and resentment. But what do we have from it? Why do we even compare our lives with others? We are neither motivated nor helped to truly pursue our goals. Instead, we should focus on ourselves.

What you have to keep in mind, if you want to change your life!

Who wants to change his life, does not set a deadline for this. He does not pretend to quit smoking after completing his studies, and then later to quit his 30th birthday, and since this did not work, he smokes the last cigarette on the day of the wedding. If you really want to change something, it starts immediately, even if the goals are set for the long term.

Setbacks only serve to motivate us even more strongly in our project and no longer allow us to be diverted from our path, which we have now taken.

Set goals in life that you absolutely want to achieve! And always remember that you alone are responsible if you reach them!

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