You eagerly wish your ex girlfriend back?

Probably every one of us gets to this point once in his life:

The relationship has failed, it has separated from us. And since then we are suffering like a dog. Sure, the last few months have not been easy. We argued a lot, argued frequently, argued differences and yet did not compromise. She has nagged us in the head, and the evenings ended with howling in the living room.

Now she has ended the relationship with us and we realize that we want nothing more than a new beginning with her.

You want your ex girlfriend back? A fresh start almost never works

Of course, it can not be ruled out, but we can assure you from our experience that a relationship usually lasts only a few weeks on a second try.

Why is that? Very easily. The relationship with our ex failed because we were just too different. Not only in character, we are absolutely contrary, even in our future expectations, we have hardly matched.

No matter what it was about: whether the common holiday was the topic, or what you want to do on the weekends, you never agreed. She wanted to spend a beach holiday, you better holiday in the mountains. She did not like your friends, you did not like hers.

And everything that ultimately led to the relationship is still the case: even the second attempt will fail because neither of them has really changed fundamentally. We are still the same people with the same weaknesses and mistakes.

When the two meet again and try to partner again, they both fall back into old patterns and the old issues are coming up again.

You want your ex girlfriend back because you are afraid of change

Most men (but women too) want their ex girlfriend back because they are afraid of the changes in their lives that come their way. Because often we are only out of pure habit with the partner together, with real love this has nothing in common. Break the relationship now breaks our usual everyday life.

Suddenly we are confronted with numerous questions. What should happen if the ex leaves? Can we afford the rent alone? How do we suddenly spend our weekends, if not with the partner? Are we even completely alone without them?

Most people in such a case prefer to remain in the old, unhappy relationship rather than giving their lives a new twist.

You want your ex girlfriend back? Focus on new things

Instead of mentally mourning and clinging to your old relationship, even though it's long gone, we should focus on our future.

A happy future with our friends, with a lot of free time, with nice flirts and maybe soon a new partner.

Sure, as a freshly baked single we feel weird at first. A little alone and helpless. But we have friends! Even if we have rarely contacted them during the partnership, they will be happy to finally hear from us again.

Real friends may even know this phenomenon of themselves, in any case they will not be vindictive, but welcome us with open arms.

Do you still want your ex girlfriend back? Then remember all the horrible moments in your relationship

Those who can not free themselves from their ex-partner, should first of all keep in mind the negative qualities of the former partner. How often has she been unfair to you, how often has she annoyed you with her unfounded nagging, and anyway, how annoyed you were that she would have forbidden you to be in contact with your friends.

Also think of all the unfounded arguments that she just broke, even though there was no real trigger for it.

Flirt with other women, that distracts you!

If you still have not fully processed the breakup and still want your ex girlfriend back, we can only advise you to flirt with other women.

By doing so, you suddenly realize that quite a few ladies find you attractive and interested in you. Above all, this does good for our self-esteem, which is usually badly affected by a separation. For just a separation many evil words fall that hit us very much and hurt in the heart.

Time to give our self-confidence the necessary Verarztung and let us confirm flirting with other ladies, that we are not so shit, as our ex girlfriend has claimed.

Consider the separation as a new opportunity

"Where one door falls, another opens". Who does not know him, this saying? And there is so much truth in him! See the separation as your personal chance one day to meet a woman who really suits you. Who appreciates you, and exactly as you are. Who does not want to change you, but accepts you as you are. Who wants a common life with you and wants to grow old with you.

You would like to distract yourself from your ex by flirting with others, but it will not work? You have the feeling that you have completely forgotten about flirting and do not know how you can get to know foreign women? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. Our flier experts will show you how you can approach and get to know foreign women in your everyday life. We look forward to hearing from you.

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