You want more sex contacts? How do you like a hot affair?

Many men dream about it, only a few have sex contacts.

Instead of having sex for yourself, you're content to listen to your buddy's stories. Once again he tells of his affair, with which he meets regularly to have sex with her. Of course, there are no feelings in the game, it's just a bit loose.

You do not have time for a steady girlfriend right now. But damn, why do not you even have sex contacts? Just as your buddies have it? Being single does not mean having to give up sex, is it?

Where do men find loose sex contacts?

Anyone who is not looking for something solid, but something casual, of course, in his search is different than a man who wants to find his great love.

What should you do first, therefore, to meet women who want the same as you?

First of all, we would like to suggest that you use the weekends in particular. Anyone who seeks out women in the nightlife enjoys the advantage that women are well aware of what it's about when he addresses them. No woman expects to meet the man of her dreams in a club. Instead, both sexes are just having fun, disconnecting from everyday life, and enjoying each other's attention and touch.

Here the danger is very low that you break the heart at the end of a woman, be stalked on Facebook and get angry hate messages by mail.

How should I get to know women in the club?

In discos and clubs it's really easy to get in touch with the pretty ladies. For example, you have the chance to address the ladies in front of and behind you in line at the club. Even later, when you're finally inside, you can use the queue in front of the dressing room to meet women. Just talk to the lady you like the most and say what you think of first.

In the club itself, you have the opportunity, at the bar just zuzuprosten a lady. A simpler way to get in contact with beauties, there is not. Of course it also makes sense to open the conversation in the smoking area with the question of fire. And you'll find out here how to dance successfully against women on the dance floor.

Especially in the club often runs a lot of alcohol, making many of the ladies present quickly very easy and want to have more with you. Give the women what they want from you! She dances with you very close body contact with you? Then dare calmly and touch her. Especially in the club, you should not scandalize them with boring conversations. Due to the alcohol level, her ability to absorb is anyway very limited and she gets a maximum of half of all the stuff you just told her.

Start right from the beginning to build body contact to show her what the evening will end.

Of course, you can also address and get to know women during the day

Of course, if you dare and have the courage, you can also appeal to the women who stand out in the street during the day. Just go straight to the lady, who has stung you immediately because of her tight ass and talk to her. Of course not with the words that you goggled her on the ass, but maybe with the words "Excuse me? I've just seen you running here thinking that I need to address you because otherwise I'll regret it if I do not. You immediately noticed me with your yellow dress. Hi, I'm the Mark. "

Now it is important that you make a short conversation and you manage to get your number in the end. How you manage the exchange of numbers best, you will find out in our article sure to get the mobile number.

Are you phoning with her and you're dating a date, it's incredibly important that you explain from the beginning that you are not interested in a relationship. With that you prevent two problems:

First, she knows directly what she is about and the danger that she will fall in love with you. Second, many women consider it a wise move to delay the first sex for a long time if they hope to have a relationship. Since she knows in your case that no partnership will develop from your meetings, she realizes that she does not have to delay sex with you, but lets her enjoy her pleasure.

Also Tinder can help to find sex contacts

Tinder is well known for registering people who are looking for quick fun. So why refuse this app for longer, instead of just trying its luck and looking for sex contacts?

Make sure you set a profile picture of yourself that shows you from your chocolate side. Also, remember to switch as quickly as possible from writing on Tinder to WhatsApp. And above all: meet you in time for a date. The longer you try to suggest a meeting, the greater the danger that your first meeting ends up as a disaster, as you both had a different vision of each other.

You just can not get to know women and find sex contacts? You have absolutely no desire to leave your life as a single so unused? Then inquire with us for a Flirtcoching for men. Our flier experts will show you how to approach strangers in your everyday life, how to approach them, flirt with them and finally get their numbers. We look forward to hearing from you.

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