You want more contact with women? How you meet more women

You suffer from the fact that you have little contact with women?

Dealing with the opposite sex has always been difficult for you. Already in school, when your buddies had their first girlfriends, you preferred to deal with other things.

Instead of going to the first parties and experiencing the first intoxication, you ate in front of your laptop in the evening and gambled games. Later at the university, you have repeatedly sought contact with women, but really something has not emerged from it.

The women have always spoken politely to you, but as soon as it's thematically about cellphone number or reunion, they smiled nicely and shook their heads.

By now you are firmly in the job and do not want to be alone anymore. It annoys you that your buddies already had several solid relationships while you have absolutely no experience with women. You want more contact with women and, above all, you wish that you finally meet a woman who sees more in you than a good colleague or a good friend.

Contact with women can only be actively engaged in life

It is a doom-loop. For example, those who have just moved out of town and hardly have any contacts in their new city are unlikely to go out. With whom should he eat something during the week, meet for a coffee or a beer on the weekend, or make a club in the evening when he does not know anybody?

But because he does not run out, he does not get to know any new people. The circle of acquaintances remains small, which does not change the situation.

We see: Anyone looking for contact with women generally has to go out more frequently and work on increasing their circle of friends and acquaintances. By the way, there is nothing wrong with making more friendships. Because the more people you know in general, the more often you get to know new people through them. Suddenly you are invited to birthdays and other meetings and are always presented to new faces.

So it is clear to us: Instead of just looking for contact with women, even male friendships can help us to go out more and thus meet women.

Your hobbies affect how much contact you have with women

Let's explain it to you like this:

If you prefer to go to pubs and bars in your free time, you will find more women than the one who organizes a lan party with his neighbors. Those who do not constantly skip the seminars at their university come into contact with more students than those who can not get up in the morning and prefer to lie down in bed. Anyone who signs up in a volleyball club has more female players than the one whose heart beats for football. Anyone who raises their spirits even after a long day at work, to make a birthday, makes more new contacts than who lets himself be drizzled in front of the TV and falls asleep.

In short, those who are generally away from home and engage in hobbies that are also practiced by women naturally increase their chances of reaching out to women. The more we are among other people, the more people we meet.

If you finally meet more women, your behavior contributes significantly to what will develop between you.

Why am I always perceived by women as a good friend?

Men like you have the same problem over and over again. Having made contact with women, they are polite, friendly and try to be funny. They want to somehow impress the woman and do not really know how to do it.

Japsend they wrestle for discussion topics and are disappointed if the lady eventually pulls away.

The problem with the matter? Men who have little experience with women tend to struggle with strong shyness. They do not know how to deal with the female gender and therefore choose to show their friendly side. What they do not do? They do not express their sexual interest.

Never would they dare to tell a woman that she looks sharp in her short skirt, that she finds her long hair seductive, that she has great legs.

But this is exactly what makes the difference between the man who is always considered the good friend and the man who seduces women.

Do not be afraid of rejection

You do not dare to flirt with women and show them your interest for fear of rejection? Free yourself from the idea that men who are very successful with women, absolutely never have to pocket baskets.

It is quite clear: If you love to flirt a lot, you will always get a basket. Not all women are single. Much more crucial is how you handle it. Are you letting it pull you down? Or are you trying instead to make improvements to the next flirt from each basket?

Remember one thing: a woman who rejects you saves a lot of time. Imagine she gives you her number, you write about weeks, you already develop feelings for her and then she reveals to you that she only sees you as a good friend? The disappointment is great then. However, by playing with open cards, you know what you are from the beginning. So you can move on and search the room for the next lady you would like to flirt with.

Despite these tips you have little contact with women? At the same time, you longingly wish for a woman by your side? You just do not feel like being alone any longer?

Then inquire now for a flirt coaching with us. Our flier experts show you how to actively approach women in your everyday life, how to approach them, flirt with them and even get their numbers in the end. So that you too will finally be happy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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