You are looking for a romantic surprise for your girlfriend, but you can not think of anything suitable?

What comes as a gift for the girlfriend in question?

Sometimes it just takes a little more than a lame shower gel with the matching bath foam. Above all, if he would like to make her an application or approach the anniversary or wedding day, many men want that day to be absolutely unforgettable.

But how do you create such an experience that you will remember with a smile years later? We've put together some tips for you on how to find the perfect romantic surprise for your girlfriend.

More self-confidence as a man:

Classic: the sea of ​​roses

Very classic and known from films, very romantic and almost a bit cheesy. Get hundreds of small tealights (and fragrance tealights) and red roses. While she is still at work, you already prepare everything. Tail your hall and the way to the bedroom left and right with tealights, in your bedroom you form a huge heart with the tealights.

If you like, you can also put the initials inside the heart with more candles. Now you take the roses, pick the flowers from them and scatter them on the way to your bedroom and on the bed. If you like, you can also buy another large bouquet of red roses, put them in a vase and place them on your bedside table.

About 20 minutes before she gets home, you set about lighting all the tealights. Attention: Lighting the little things sometimes takes longer than you think. Nevertheless, you must not turn them on all hours before, since tealights unfortunately do not burn for an infinitely long time.

In short, before she usually comes, you turn on your laptop or a CD player, and let your song run. Of course, the electric light is completely switched off! If you have set up enough tealights, the candlelight will be enough!

A photo shoot for couples

Less for a marriage proposal, but more suitable as a gift for Anniversary, is the couple photo shoot. These cost money, but you have afterwards really high quality photos of you. The photographer can tell you exactly which pose you look good on, you have a lot of fun and the photos will remind you of this day for a long time.

Incidentally, couple photos are particularly beautiful when they are not made in a solid studio, but outdoors. For photos in a small studio act quickly, thereby depriving them of their magic. On the other hand, a photo showing a couple lying in each other's arms and looking into the distance looks more realistic, romantic and not posed.

Be sure to inquire whether the price of the shoot includes a post-processing of the photos with Photoshop - because then the photos are perfect!

With a boat through Venice

Classically, Paris is called the city of love. But no less beautiful is Venice. How about giving her a break in this romantic city in Italy? We recommend the early months of spring such as March and April, but October is also ideal.

At this time, the temperature is pleasant, without sweating or freezing, the city can be explored in peace. Another plus: Also in the spring and autumn, the city is not crowded with tourists. Be sure to avoid the months of June, July and August. Because then it is much too hot and full, also develop the channels in strong heat some unpleasant odors.

Surprise her with a home-cooked meal

Hand on heart: Who is standing in the evening with you both regularly in the kitchen and ensures that something warm on the table? In most relationships, women are the scepters when it comes to cooking and baking. A nice change would be, if instead you simply surprise them with a home-cooked menu.

Think about what she loves to eat. Especially on the anniversary, it is especially nice when the food is higher quality and finer than usual. Thus, the bag Maggifix for the spaghetti Bolognese is out of the question. Just browse through the internet for delicious meat recipes, suitable appetizers and delicious desserts. You will see, you will feel killed by the offer of all recipe ideas. The best way to think about what you would like to cook is to search directly for the right recipes.

We also advise you to try this menu secretly if it is not there. So nothing can go wrong with your romantic surprise.

A champagne breakfast is a nice start to the day

Those who are not in a hurry in the morning, but have time, for which the champagne breakfast could also be a romantic surprise. How about if you just get fresh bread rolls and croissants in the morning, in addition to different types of sausages and cheeses and a delicious bottle of sparkling wine with freshly squeezed orange juice? So you start directly in a good mood and relaxed in the day. In addition, she will be especially happy about this attention.

You see, gifts away from perfume and jewelry are best for women. Show her that you thought something of your present and express your love for her.

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