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Casual dating, what is it anyway?

Especially on the internet you read more and more about casual dating. In the past, when you were young, you just had a date with a girl, there was the first kiss and then a gentle smile with blushing cheeks. That was the first meeting.

And today? Not only love itself seems to be a complicated topic, no, there are also more and more concepts that describe a very specific relationship between people. There is the friendship zone, friendship plus and casual dating.

What is Casual Dating?

Casual dating or casual sex describes the meeting between two people who explicitly meet to sleep together. There is no exact definition of exactly when it comes to a casual date or casual sex.

One thing is certain: there are no feelings in the game. Casual dating is not about finding love or developing deep feelings. Among the most popular forms of casual dating are the following sexual encounters:

  • The One Night Stand The One Night Stand is probably the best known and also the most common form of casual sex. Two people meet each other to sleep together once and without obligation. There are no thoughts that this should lead to a relationship.
  • The Affair The One Night Stand was not only good, but breathtaking. Therefore, one of them decides to re-register with the other to have another appointment and repeated sex. Feelings are not involved.
  • Friendship Plus or friendship with benefits There is a friendly relationship between the two before intimate contact. At some point, often after a night with a lot of alcohol, it comes to sex. Sometimes it stays at a one night stand, but often it develops the friendship plus. You already know each other very well, you are familiar with each other and your friendship will be maintained. The feelings for each other, however, are purely friendly nature.

How does casual dating become a nice experience?

The same applies as many already know from the classic, the One Night Stand. Honesty comes first! Both men and women should clarify right from the start that they are not looking for something solid. If it turns out after several meetings that he or she is hoping for more, a clarifying conversation is announced. Has the other also developed feelings? Wonderful. But does the other only feel pure pleasure, but no other feelings? Then there should be no more appointments. Otherwise only pain and lovesickness will follow.

It should be understood that you do not talk about this sexual experience with strangers. You meet, share intimate moments with each other and remember them. But to brag about it to others does not work! Especially if you have the same circle of friends, this is an absolute no-go! Even during sex with her, you should not talk about past bed partners, otherwise she's going to flute lust.

Do not forget to always listen to your intuition. Not with any woman is the casual date an exciting experience and the best sex of your life. If you already feel uncomfortable with the greeting, nobody forces you to take the next step.

By the way, not everyone is suitable for casual dating! At some point you know yourself. Who knows exactly that after his first sex with him, the hormones in the body are wild and he is in love with both ears, better not get involved in something like that. This only leads to complicated situations and heartbreak. In such a case, it is better to communicate clearly that you are looking for a committed relationship.

Which people do casual dating?

Sex outside a marriage or relationship has existed for centuries, not just since the introduction of that term. The opportunity sex serves above all to satisfy itself. For many people, a one night stand is also a true booster for self-esteem. They feel attractive, desirous and experienced that they are still well received by the opposite sex.

Casual sex is therefore not only used by singles to live out their own sex life with all the fantasies. Even married or forgiven people often can not resist because they no longer find the sex with the partner as exciting enough or as varied. Not always, however, this leads to a break in the relationship.

Many couples talk about these issues and decide to have an open relationship so that both experience equal sexual fulfillment. In general, there is loose sex in all age groups, where he is practiced by the over 30-year-olds most often.

Is there a casual dating app?

Many people have problems meeting not only a special person on the street, but also a person who is also open to sexual adventure but does not want a relationship. Therefore, many people go on the Internet or through a casual dating app on the search. From there it is clear from the start what the other members want. There are no explanations, so you do not want a relationship, etc.

Especially women are addressed through casual dating apps and pages. While outside women often feel they are being sentenced for casual fun, they know that they are meeting like-minded people who do not convince them of their guilty conscience. For women, the use of such sites is often even free, while men often have to pay a certain contribution.

The most widely used casual dating app is Tinder. Few people are looking for great love on Tinder, but most are craving an erotic adventure instead, but they find it too tedious to move through night clubs and nightclubs to find someone. Tinder is straightforward and easy to use.

Another advantage is that it is free for both men and women, and Tinder now has an incredibly high number of users. As a result, you can be sure that there are numerous single ladies in your area who are searching.

The casual dating app Badoo also offers fun without obligations. Even with this app, neither men nor women have to dig deep into their wallet, the program is free, but it offers more features for low cost. Badoo works similar to Tinder, but this app can provide additional information, such as your own interests or which languages ​​you speak.

You are also looking for a sexual adventure, but it fails because you are too timid to approach and meet a beautiful woman? Even a casual dating app did not work out? In a flirt coaching for men, our flirt trainers show you how to easily overcome your shyness. You will learn important tips on how to successfully approach, meet and flirt with women in the middle of everyday life as well as at night in clubs and bars.

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