You are looking for a romantic poem for your girlfriend?

Your birthday is coming up and you are looking for a romantic poem that you can give her in addition to her present?

We've collected several romantic poems for you to enchant.

Whether sent via WhatsApp or handwritten on stationery: Our poems melt women's hearts and provide a romantic atmosphere.

Short poems, ideal for sending by SMS

Sun, moon and stars, I love you so much, I still love you when we do not exist anymore.

By Renate Eggert-Schwarten

When I kissed you yesterday, it occurred to me that I have arrived after a long search.

By Renate Eggert-Schwarten

Come and sit down on my lap, because I have something to tell you, because my love for you is so great that I give it to you now with a kiss.


I love you and still have so much to tell you, but this phrase "I love you" is heard over all the lines.

Renate Eggert-Schwarten

I do not know much, but one thing is certain: that you are love of my life.

Renate Eggert-Schwarten

My love for you is infinitely great, she is as stable as a tree, she swims to you like a sealing raft.


Life is empty without you, so I wish you here.

Renate Eggert-Schwarten

Even if we float above the clouds, I will give you my love. Because she is deep, my heart only yours - oh we could be angels.


A romantic poem for recitation or writing down

I love you like jumping into the cool water when the summer sun burns my skin. I love you as the familiar home that you can recognize from afar.

I love you like a gift that has never been received for many years and is now being granted.

I love you as a place of refuge, to which I flee now and then. I love you from my deepest soul. You ask why? - Because I can not help it.

Renate Eggert-Schwarten

I had never seen you before, at first sight it had happened. With that moment, everything has turned, my worries were blown away. My heart beat faster and faster, but my heart sank into the cellar. Still, I do not want to lose time, I'm ready for this step. Not only have you lit up my smile, you've turned my life upside down. I love you, I tell you, with these words now and here.

Michael Pohl

You find love when you are not looking for it. She has already cursed many with her charm. As much as I was careful, her curse also hit me and he chose you as the goal of my love.

Cornelia Sander

Yes, you are mine! I want to say it to the blue sky, I want to entrust it to the dark night, I want to carry it as a good news On mountain heights, through Heid and Aun. The whole world is to witness: Yes, you are mine! And forever my! Yes, you are mine! In my heart you must live, Shall have what is his beloved, Thou shalt, Wholly surrounded by love and lust, Wholly feel that thou art happy. Join me in your arms! Yes, you are mine! And forever my!

August Heinrich Hoffmann of Fallersleben

Love teaches me sweet talk, since loveliness taught me to love.

Poor I am not in your arms, you embrace me you sweet poverty.

How rich am I in your kingdom, The richness of the riches Am I to you?

O loveliness! O rich poverty! Embrace me In love arms.

Clemens Brentano

You are like a flower So beautiful and beautiful and pure: I look at you, and melancholy Sneaks into my heart. It is as if I should lay the hands on the head of you, Praying that God will receive you So pure and beautiful and hold.

Heinrich Heine

Present such a romantic poem to your sweetheart, put a smile on your face and make it a wonderful evening that will be remembered for a long time.

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