You plan a quickie with her? The most important tips

A quickie is the exact opposite of a long foreplay and long sex.

Quickie is called a fast number that lasts only a few minutes. As a feature of the quickie is that the foreplay is omitted. But what makes the charm of the quickie? Will both of them get their money's worth?

We clarify all the facts about the quickie and give you the best tips on how your quickie is a short, but still unforgettable moment.

Get ready for your quickie before

The beauty of the quickie is its spontaneity. It is not every garment lovingly taken off, but one tugs each other and it goes wildly. A quickie is especially a cool action, when both are so eager for each other, that they can not keep their fingers off of each other, just can not stand it anymore and have to sleep together on the spot.

If you're just going for a walk in the woods and you strike it, out of nowhere, at once to pull down your panties and let it out, it'll most likely show you a bird.

So what to do?

Make them hot before! If you both want to have fun with the quickie, it is recommended that you are already looking for an undisturbed corner somewhere and snogging around wildly. Because remember: the quickie is not about seducing them for all art. The quickie is about giving in quickly to one's own impulses and getting satisfaction in a short time.

So you still go for a forest walk? Then she grab you, push her against a tree, smooch with her, grab her in the hair, grab her by the butt and then let her off again. So she gets the desire for more.

In the quickie, everyone takes care of his own satisfaction

Men generally have a very easy time to orgasm during sex. For women, on the other hand, it looks different. Therefore, it is important that she cares about her own satisfaction. She should not be afraid to stimulate her clitoris during the act even if she wants to reach climax.

Not every clothing is perfect for the quickie!

If you are mentally already in your quickie in public, then please also on their clothes. Because not all clothes are equally suitable for the short fun. While a skirt can be raised quickly and the thong quickly pushed aside, the lady would first have to undress completely while wearing a jumpsuit and would be left standing in her underwear if she was up for a quickie. But tights under dresses and skirts are not really quickie-fit.

Quickie in public - Which places are recommended?

Of course the classic is the fast number in the locker room. Here it is recommended that you look for a large department store, where there are many changing rooms. But beware: Avoid Saturdays. Because then there is too much excitement. If a blow has already formed in front of the cabins, there is a great danger that you will be discovered.

Another classic is the sex in the pool. But here, too, it is important to be careful. You may not think so, but in every swimming pool, spa and wellness oasis, every corner is equipped with cameras.

Only then can the lifeguards keep an eye on everything at the same time. Contrary to the popular belief that the quickie does not stand out in the bubbling water in the hot tub, there is even more danger of being spotted. Here you take the risk to get a house ban.

In general, you should be careful to look for corners in public places that are as inanimate as possible, unless you want to provoke an ad for causing public nuisance. A good option is eg sex in the car. Just drive to a secluded parking lot and indulge in your own pleasure.

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