You are planning a pampering weekend for your partner?

Here you will find out everything that belongs to a pampering weekend.

Sometimes you just want to show your partner how important he is to you by pampering him or her. But what does that actually mean, for a real pamper weekend? What do you have to pay attention to when planning?

We have collected the most important tips for you.

The pamper weekend starts in your own four walls

Let's be honest: we come home and in the kitchen stacks the dishes, on the floor is everywhere used clothes, the bathroom is dirty and the living room should also be urgently sucked again, then we feel anything but comfortable.

This is also how our partner works. We could have enjoyed the most romantic view, having eaten the best specialty of the country, as soon as we enter the tidy four walls, it is over with the relaxation. We see the horror and are immediately reminded that we should definitely clean up.

So a first step should always be to get rid of the mess at home. Then we wake up on Saturday morning, without directly seeing just disorder, and can switch off much better directly.

On a pampering weekend relaxation is announced

For many, wellness is the epitome of a pampering weekend. The wellness offers are numerous and range from Thai massages, sauna landscapes to wellness hotels. What you decide depends, among other things, on how much money you want to spend.

Two day passes for a sauna are cheaper than a couple massage, a couples massage is cheaper than a full weekend including breakfast in an upscale hotel.

Even food is always accompanied with pleasure (or should it at least). If you want to wind down the pamper weekend on Sunday evening, it's a good idea to think about where you would like to eat with your partner before the weekend begins.

Especially in big cities should definitely be reserved for a Sunday evening. When choosing the restaurant, pay attention not only to the quality of the food, but also to the atmosphere that prevails there. Especially after a very relaxing pampering program, it is a bitter contrast, if you decide for a huge brewery, in the evening football is broadcast. Since the Schnitzel can be so delicious.

Ratsamer is already a fancy steakhouse, an exclusive Vietnamese or the distinguished Italian. By the way, it is possible in almost all places that you ask on the phone to decorate the table a little more romantically.

You can also treat yourself to culinary delights

A pampering weekend does not always have to be accompanied by massages and a sauna session. Instead, you can also go to a company where it goes culinary to the point. For example, if you are both fish lovers, you may want to attend a sushi cooking class. In larger cities, there are also mostly small but very sweet candy factories that offer workshops where you can make your own sweets.

Alternatively, of course, there is always the option to buy tickets for a wine tasting. In addition, many couples find it very relaxed to simply sit in the middle of the day in a café, and to watch coffee and cake or even pizza and a beer the bustle of passers-by. Do that which is good for you and that you feel relaxes.

A pampering weekend does not have to cost the world

What sounds very expensive at first, does not have to take much money. Instead of brunching on the weekend (at the weekends a brunch always costs more than during the week), you can also prepare a tasty brunch for your sweetheart / loved ones at home.

Remember to get more than fresh rolls and delicious spread. How about, for example, with scrambled eggs and bacon, fresh pancakes, smoothies or waffles? There are no limits to your imagination!

Even the expensive walk to the masseur, we can take over, if we have the necessary instinct for this. But thank god, there is Youtube. There you will find many videos that show you how the massage is not only an experience for the partner, but also the technique you need to use to keep your fingers healthy.

By the way, foot massages are also very popular. Our feet are strained every day, we've walked thousands of miles on them. Why not give the feet a well deserved break with a massage?

It's understandable that not everyone wants to spend money on the menu at a starred restaurant. But what speaks against the fact that we ourselves become active and conjure something? Especially if cooking is our passion anyway and we like to serve more than loveless cooked pasta with sauce. Just then it makes sense that we personally take care of the dinner.

One more tip: things like the TV stay out on such a day, of course! The occasional look at the smartphone is of course allowed, but please do not lose time forever through any games on your smartphone. The main focus should finally be on you two at this pampering weekend.

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