You would like to compliment her, but you do not know how?

It does not matter if it's the date or the steady partner: A compliment is good for her soul.

Everyone feels flattered when they compliment. It's just great when someone compliments us, we've lost so much, our hair looks great, we've worked so diligently and successfully through our studies / education, or we just look good.

Even a relationship lives from the fact that both show themselves again and again through small gestures every day, that they still love each other and value each other. Because the dreaded everyday life always manages to destroy relationships.

Reason enough for us to tell you how to compliment your partner or your great love without being too cheesy.

A compliment does not always require big words

Often it is just the small things that can make a wonderful compliment. Just think about what it really is that you love so much about her. Why are you with her? Why did you fall in love with her?

Think about the things that you so appreciate about her. Maybe the following examples will help you to explain what we mean:

  • "I fell in love with you because I've never met a woman who always knew what's going on in me."
  • "Do you know how important you are to me?"
  • "There is nothing reassuring for me to take you in my arms and stroke your hair."

With these compliments you are not aiming at their appearance, but at their character and at what connects you. You explain why she cares about you and why you fell in love with her.

Also compliments to the exterior hear women like

In addition to beautiful words, why you have fallen in love with her, you can of course also compliment her look. things like

  • Wow, you lost so much. You look great!
  • I love your full, red lips.
  • There is no woman who looks as good as you in a short miniskirt.

Combine a compliment with a nice little something

If you want to increase the effect of your compliment, you can combine this with a nice little thing. This does not have to be a bunch of flowers or chocolates.

You can also just bring her favorite candy from the store and explain to her, "I saw the cookies and had to think about our first date, so we ate them too. I will never forget this moment with you. "

Alternatively, you can wrap your compliment in writing. Grab a small sticky note, write down your compliment, and stick it on the bathroom mirror so she can spot him there in the morning after getting up.

Just trust yourself and tell her what you feel for her. These words alone are usually the biggest compliment a man can make to a woman.

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