You want to win back a woman, but have no idea how?

Anyone who wants to win back a woman has not set himself an easy goal.

In most cases it is much easier to get to know a new woman and have a relationship with her than to regain her former girlfriend.

Why that is so is explained easily and quickly. If we meet a new person who does not know us yet, she looks at us completely without prejudice. We get to know each other, she mostly sees the positive in us and falls in love. If we want to win back a woman who has already spent several years of her life with us, she knows our quirks, weaknesses and mistakes. She remembers too well all the past quarrels we've had on a regular basis. In addition, all the negative feelings from earlier in her come back to: anger, grief and disappointment.

You want to win back this one woman? Then you'll understand why it split up.

There must have been a trigger for why she is no longer at your side. Doing cause research also means finding out if you even have a second chance as a couple.

Was it your baseless jealousy of her male buddy that you drove her insane? Was it your enormous attachment, because otherwise you have no friends and therefore did all your free time activities with her? Have you just seen each other too much, sat too close to one another, so bored you and argued about it? In all these points, we are dealing with deadlocked behaviors, but they can also be changed. At least when we are ready to work on ourselves.

Or has it split because you have different ideas about the future? Because you desperately want children, but you would prefer to remain childless? Or because she desperately wants to marry while you're unwilling to surrender your "single" status? These are two completely contrary life goals, which can not be reconciled. The compromises "getting a little bit of children" and just "marrying a bit" do not exist.

In that case, it makes little sense for you to fight for them. Because even with a new start you have different ideas about your future, why you do not become happy with each other.

Why do you want to win back this one woman?

Yes, the question may sound provocative. And yet it is elemental. Why do you want her back? Mostly, these are not real feelings that cause us to fight for the ex. Most of the time, it is the fear of change that makes us stick to our former relationship. Often we are even aware that we will not be happy in a second attempt. But too bad is our idea of ​​the future and the possible loneliness.

Doubts such as "I hardly have any friends, I'll be all alone, " "I'll never find a new one, " "I'm not in the mood to be single again, " make us choose the easiest way. And the simplest is always in the routine, which is familiar to us and sympathetic. And so we come back together with the ex, argue more than ever and do not even know what we really want.

If you want to win back a woman, you have to limit the contact

What sounds contradictory will help you get it back. No calls, no messages. Contact lock.

If you annoy her all the time with your contact attempts, she will only feel confirmed that the right decision was made to end the relationship with you.

So wait until she answers to you. Sure, you're worried that this case will not happen, that you will never hear from yourself again and that you will be alone in the end. But from experience we can tell you: she will contact you. Whether it's because she still wants to pick things up from your apartment, or because she just wants to ask you how you're doing.

In no case should you now engage in games and eternally write back and forth with her. If there is no concrete suggestion on your part, when you can meet, the mere news is that you are damned busy and they have to call you for important matters in the evening

The contact lock that emanates from you makes her miss you.

You want to win back the woman? Then do not let it take advantage of you!

Many men, fresh after a break, tend to do anything for this one woman just to get her back to them.

Suddenly you find yourself in a situation where you accept parcels for her, you mow the lawn, repair the car and water your flowers while she's on vacation. And that without you getting sex or other kind of attention! Well, then you just make a fool of yourself.

The problem with the matter is that many men still believe that if they make their many friendships, she suddenly realizes what a great guy she has let go. But exactly this case never occurs.

Instead, she gets confirmed, what a dork (please excuse this phrase) you actually are and how incredibly dependent you are on her, that you volunteer all these tasks (which you never wanted to do during your relationship), only in the hope to be noticed by her. You're following her, and that makes you damned unattractive.

Change the things she has criticized

You probably remember your last words to you very well, something you do not forget after all. What was it that she accused you? Maybe you're a couch potato and you're wasting your time just sitting in front of the laptop and gambling instead of going out and meeting friends? Or that you only work and show no interest in going on vacation with her? Or maybe you've gained over 25 kilos and you did not care that she dressed up for you every day while you let yourself go more and more?

These points are now about to change in your life. You were a couch potato? Then meet more friends, go out in the evening and start enjoying life. Book a trip with friends and start to see something of the world. Start paying attention to your diet and doing sports. Show her that you are working on yourself and ready to change.

Who wants to win back a woman, must flirt with other women

We humans tend to always want what we can not have. As long as you obviously follow her and offer herself to her, you are completely uninteresting to her. If you lead a happy and self-determined life, you will find it interesting to have fun and to have a good understanding with other women as well.

No, you should not smooch in front of your eyes with another or even go home. Then she probably thinks that the train has already left long ago. But you can quietly talk to her in front of other beauties, shake a bit, have fun, flirt. Show her that you are not dependent on her. You'll be surprised how quickly she's interested in you again.

Anyone who wants to recapture a woman can not get involved in friendship!

How many times does a former couple expect to continue to be friends? But this time you will not even get involved in such a kindergarten. What good is friendship? After all, you want a relationship, not a new best friend. And once you have been demoted to her new, best friend, you will not be able to win her back.

So if she proposes this botch to you, explain directly that you feel too much for her and therefore can not have friendship with her.

Incidentally, most women who make this suggestion to men do not do so because they really want a friendship. They do this in order to free themselves from their guilty conscience by putting an end to their ex. You see, their true interest in remaining friends with you is frighteningly low.

You've become aware that you only hurt yourself if you want to get that woman back. Instead, you now want to actively approach other women and start a whole new relationship. But you feel that women react very negatively to you and just do not want you.

As a measure, you should ask us for a flirt coaching. Our flier experts will show you how you manage to address foreign beauties in the middle of the day, to flirt with them and even get their numbers in the end. So that you finally find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you!

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