You want to overcome the loneliness? That's how you'll be happy alone!

Overcome loneliness - Are you lonely and you find it really hard to be alone? That does not have to be!

You have no one to whom you can trust your feelings and you are constantly feeling an inner emptiness that makes your life difficult. So you're wondering how you can finally be happy alone and what you should do about this situation!

Overcoming loneliness - why are you lonely?

We humans are social beings. We need contact with other people. To overcome your loneliness, you need to know the reasons for them. Are you really alone, or do you have many friends and acquaintances, but do you feel alone? Is something missing or someone in your life?

Be aware of the times when you feel particularly lonely. Does the feeling come up in the late evening hours? Does this happen even though you are traveling with your partner or friends?

The source of the negative feelings can therefore come from the fact that you have no friends. So you know what you have to do. But if they do not come along and you have the feeling despite a lot of social contacts, then there is a deep scar in you.

Get involved with yourself and your body!

In moments of loneliness, it is very important to deal with yourself. Do something good or do things that are fun for you. As soon as the loneliness comes over you, divert yourself. First and foremost, realize that loneliness is a feeling that is not related to being alone, which in turn describes a condition.

When you're alone, pick up a good book. Go out into the park and perceive your surroundings including fellow human beings. Feel influences that you otherwise take for granted.

For many people it can be very scary to do things alone. But only when you do, will you notice how many people actually do it. You will not be the only person in the park who lies down on a blanket without his friends, sunning himself and devouring a great book.

When you feel like you are with others, something in your life can not be right. Do you miss someone or do not get along with your current situation? Be aware of where your feelings and thoughts are coming from. Give yourself and your consciousness time to accept things and changes.

Meditation can be another great tool to keep your concentration on you. So you can refrain from your negative feeling and relax yourself. Return to yourself and let go of everything - from your everyday life, the negativity and the thought chaos.

All in all: deal with yourself. Do cool stuff and never let your social contacts you have that way. It does not matter if you are lying around at home, because then the feeling will only increase.

Overcome loneliness - seek help!

Talk to your loved ones about your feelings and do not just keep them for yourself. You can not simply replace your thoughts, because they will come back to the surface anyway. If you do not know anyone you trust, you can go to a therapist.

You do not have to be uncomfortable! This is now the most common thing in the world. You never have to be too bad to regain control of your life and seek help. Sometimes you can not get out of a certain situation in your life without help from others. That is absolutely no problem!

Life goes on!

If you are in the position of loneliness, you have to take your destiny into your own hands. You have to be aware of that. We all experience strokes of fate and sometimes feel alone. This is life.

Go structured against your feelings. For example, get a pet and volunteer. So you certainly come into conversation with other people and do not feel so lonely.

Or spend some time with someone you have not seen for a long time. Call old school or college friends that you subconsciously miss. Spend more time with your family because ultimately there is nothing more important than your own family. Especially grandparents are unfortunately often times too short. You should really appreciate a big family!

For example, you can also do sports or work on your self-confidence. Loneliness is usually associated with a certain dissatisfaction. So work on yourself and optimize your very own self.

The most important thing, though, is that you recognize the feelings, accept them, and specifically target them. Make your life meaningful and become happier again. A fulfilled life will not let you feel loneliness anymore.

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