You have little or no self-confidence? So you change that very fast!

You have little or no self-confidence? So you change that very fast!

From school into studies or immediately into the professional world. It can quickly happen that you get into situations that demand a lot from you. Maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed by the many new situations and wish you a little more self-confidence to cope with it.

Maybe you're a little older, you've always somehow meandered through life and avoided these situations. Maybe you've been rather inconspicuous in school time and therefore never or rarely had to go to the blackboard, did not give lectures and chose a job in which you should not speak in front of people. Quite normal that you have no self-confidence in such situations.

No matter what stage of life you are in right now. If you choose to change something that you do not have self-esteem yet, you will succeed. Because every person can get more self-confidence, if he is willing to work on himself and to develop himself.

No longer wanting to have little or no self-confidence? Here are our tips.

The causes for little to no self-confidence

A look into our childhood

If you do not have self-confidence, it can be very related to your childhood. Maybe your parents did not manage to give you a strong sense of self because they are not very self-confident themselves, so you just took on these traits.

But it may also be that your parents have unconsciously made sure that you have not developed a self-confidence. For example, they may have failed to properly promote you in your talents.

Maybe there's a certain key experience in your childhood that made you do not build self-esteem.

Based on our childhood, we make further experiences that make us more or less self-confident people. No matter how your childhood has gone, when you grow up, it's up to you to shape your life and your personality the way you want it.

Negative beliefs

Have you ever heard of the power of beliefs? No? Then it's high time to deal with it. Especially if you do not have self-confidence right now. Often negative beliefs prevent us from developing and building a healthy self-confidence. Beliefs are the small or large stamps, which we express ourselves again and again. For example, if you think you are unsportsmanlike, then you will not start doing sports and always be unsportsmanlike. You will learn later how to remove these negative beliefs forever.

Missing experience

Another reason that you do not yet have self-esteem can simply be a lack of experience. Especially in a new job it is quite normal that you are a bit uncertain at first. Here it is not wrong at first to take something back and present in front of the boss and colleagues not like a one-man show.

Now we have thought about the causes of your lack of self-confidence. That's fine. A little self-reflection has not hurt anyone and can be very enlightening. But only finding the cause does not change your situation.

Now you have to use different, effective exercises so that you soon have exactly the self-confidence that you want.

You can do that if you do not currently have self-confidence.

1. Be active in sports

Sounds funny to you, but active and athletic people are often more self-confident than people who are little or not at all active. Anyone who practices sports regularly learns something new and knows what he is capable of. That automatically gives you more self-confidence.

2. break through negative beliefs

As previously written, negative beliefs are often a cause, so you do not have self-esteem. Click here for the link and find out how to effectively turn these negative beliefs into positive ones.

3. Consciousness strengths

A first step towards more self-confidence is quite clear, to deal with your own strengths and weaknesses in detail. Above all, you should be aware of your strengths. Because they show you what you are really capable of. When it comes to strengths and weaknesses, it often also depends on the point of view. For example, mediocre English from school is quite a weakness in an English-speaking country. For an application as office clerk of a small medium-sized enterprise, this can certainly be a strength.

4. Challenge yourself in situations that challenge you

Whoever stays in his comfort zone will never learn to grow beyond himself. On the contrary. Over a longer period of time, your own skills will become smaller and smaller. But if you dare to put yourself into new situations that challenge you, stress you, and demand a lot from you, then you will always rise above yourself and see that the limits that you set yourself in the head loose to overcome and overcome.

5. accept criticism

A saying goes, "A stupid person is offended when criticized. A clever person thanks you, if it is criticized. "There is a lot of truth to it. Try never to take criticism in person again in the future and instead see it as a constructive piece of advice that will help you personally to develop.

6. Accept compliments

Just as many have a problem with accepting criticism, many are quite similar to accepting compliments. Be aware of when and where you've been complimented everywhere for things you've done. Humans do not just compliment. Compliments are a sign of appreciation and balm for the soul. So accept them thankfully and strengthen your self-confidence.

7. Use the power of body language

Our thoughts influence our posture! This knowledge has long been known to science. But what has not been known for so long is that this connection also works the other way around. If we always adopt a passive posture, that affects our psyche as well and we act more passively.

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