You have male breasts? How to declare battle with them today!

What is considered to be attractive to women is considered by men to be abundantly unsexy

In the course of his life, every second man suffers from so-called male breasts for a certain period of time. Men's breasts, also called pseudogynaecomastia, are caused by too much body fat, which is deposited on the chest.

The female breast consists of 80% fatty tissue. If a woman loses a lot of weight, the size of her cup is reduced as well. Even in men, the unloved male breast is created by too much fat, which stores the body for bad times. But overweight alone is not always the cause of the growing breast. Certain foods and medicines can also influence where the man's body stores fat.

Many foods contain the female hormone estrogen

Anyone who suffers from particularly heavy fat deposits as a man, stubbornly stuck to areas that are more typical for women (breasts, buttocks, thighs), should definitely refrain from soy products. Soybeans, soy drinks and other foods often eaten by vegans as an alternative to dairy and meat products can have a significant impact on fat storage because they contain estrogen. Above all things should be paid attention if they are consumed in large quantities. Because the absorbed estrogen in turn affects the body of the man and ensures that the fat stores in the chest.

The renunciation of beer also proves to be effective. Not only does beer contain hops that contain plant estrogens, alcohol is also known to contain many calories.

Read the leaflet of your medication

If breast growth has begun with the taking of a certain drug, you should definitely take the leaflet and study it carefully. Tablets for high blood pressure and depression, but also anabolic steroids can increase breast growth in men.

Begin necessarily to do sports

In general, there is a problem with overweight, the male breasts should necessarily be seen as a motivation and taken as an opportunity to say the extra kilos fight and again to do more sports.

Here you should orientate yourself above all on a combination of muscle building and endurance training. Endurance training helps you burn fat and consume calories in general, increasing your overall calorie needs and losing weight faster.

Muscle building, on the other hand, ensures that your body releases more testosterone and your body consumes more calories even when at rest.

Depending on the condition of the body and depending on the starting position of the overweight, the increase of the sport should be slow. A good start may be to ride a bike to work instead of using the car. Trivia, such as taking the stairs instead of getting into the elevator, make sure that you generally get more exercise. These changes are a good start, but they are not enough to improve your body's stamina and burn fat.

In case of heavy obesity, swimming is ideal because with the right technique the joints are spared. Nordic Walking also burns calories and improves stamina, but it is usually more unpleasant for younger people to hunt with sticks through the landscape. Treadmills are more advanced. Those who do not feel ready for this should first improve their endurance on crosstrainer or bicycles.

Pushups are among the exercises that should be firmly integrated into your training plan. They strengthen your chest muscles enormously and ensure that muscles build up in this area. In addition, abdominal and back muscles are strengthened by push-ups.

Fly exercises and chest presses also train your pectoral muscles.

Think about your calorie intake!

We tend to underestimate the number of calories taken. Many people are under the misconception that, above all, sport steals the body and gives us a great figure, while the diet has only a minor role on the edge. In addition, it has become clear in the minds that a lot of sports automatically also allow to eat a lot without increasing.

But what really matters is the basal metabolic rate of calories that people need to survive. Basal metabolic rate is the minimum amount of calories that every person has to eat daily if they do not want to suffer from the yo-yo effect later on. This is the number of calories that the body needs in complete rest to keep the organs running.

Total revenue is the number of calories we consume in addition to basal metabolism. The total turnover is higher than the basal metabolic rate, because we usually do not spend the whole day in bed, but we are on the move. We go to work, we go shopping, we suck the apartment, we do sports.

Just count your calories meticulously for a week and note how much you eat each day. Now you calculate your basic and total sales on the Internet. You must take the basal metabolic rate to you necessarily, the total sales you can fall below by 500 calories.

Remember that weight loss depends 80% on the diet and only 20% on exercise!

Visit a doctor to rule out diseases

Men's breasts are not caused exclusively by being overweight. A hormonal imbalance can also cause the mammary gland tissue to multiply suddenly in the male. In this case it is not spoken of a pseudogynaecomastia, but of a gynectomastia. Here it is not done alone with sports and a modified diet. In this case the doctor will treat gynectomastia hormonally as there are too many female hormones in the body.

In rare furs, male breasts can also be symptoms of cancer and other diseases. Especially if chest pains emerge, a visit to a doctor is unavoidable!

Do not let your self-esteem go down from the stigma "male boobs"!

If we have discovered a blemish on us, we tend to focus our attention on this blemish. Be it our hair loss, the small body size or just the men's breasts.

However, it is also a fact that our environment perceives us completely differently. What immediately catches our eye when we look at ourselves in the mirror is often not even noticed by the people around us. So do not go crazy! Because the more you put yourself under pressure and the more unmanageable and unattractive you feel about yourself, the more your environment feels that you are struggling with yourself.

Of course, we should always work on ourselves so that we are satisfied with ourselves. So, if you're overweight and as a result men's breasts have formed, then it's a good and important step that you've decided to change your lifestyle to become more attractive.

However, do not concentrate on this project alone! Always keep in mind that women find you attractive with your "stain". If you are not wearing skintight shirts, the man's breasts are unlikely to be noticed. And should you get into the situation of having sex with a woman, and you are ashamed of the moment when you take off your shirt, remember that she likes you very much. Otherwise she would not be lying in your bed right now. Your male breasts are not important to her.

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