You have no success with women? What went wrong with you so far

Those who have no success with women often do not understand why this is so.

Again and again, it is the same mistakes that are committed by men, which minimize their chances of success. That's why we want to name the most common sources of error so you can avoid them in the future.

Error number 1: You lack the necessary knowledge of human nature

Those who have no success with women are often quieter, more restrained and usually have a rather small circle of friends. Many guys who secretly envy other men for their women's acquaintances rarely go out. They spend a large part of their free time watching TV or the laptop.

Not that these types of men have no social environment. They have! But it is usually very small and limited to only a few people. As a result, they become uncertain when dealing with people they do not know yet. If you go away together, they prefer to talk to the people they already know. But in general, a quiet weekend is usually better for them than to beat each other on the weekends every night.

It is not reprehensible when someone says he does not like to dance. Not everyone likes loud music, that's fine. However, the problem is this: If you have only a very small circle of friends, for example, three close buddies, and even with these rarely goes away, since you usually meet more for a Fimeabend, etc., which also does not meet new people. Neither women nor other men who might become good friends.

No wonder that you hardly get in touch with strange women. This, unfortunately, in the long run leads to God becoming more and more inexperienced when dealing with women. We see: You are in a vicious circle, from which you have to break out!

A first step should be for you to leave home much more often. You do not have to party every weekend, if that's not your case. Go out and register in a sports club. Do Freeletics. Lend your neighbor's dog and go for a walk with him. Sit down with a buddy in a full pub and watch the other people. Take advantage of the good weather in summer by hiking to a well-visited mountain lodge or visiting the outdoor pool instead of just barbecuing among you.

Try to get in contact with other people much more often! By doing so, you are constantly expanding your social skills, meaning that you will intuitively learn to better understand the body language of your counterpart, to know what to talk to strangers, and to see how you affect others.

Mistake # 2: You're not getting the most out of your appearance!

Now butter on the fish: Every day I meet countless men. In the morning on the way to work they sit opposite me in the train, in the evening in the supermarket they stand in front of me at the cash register. And with real horror I realize every day that far too many guys seem to completely underestimate how much they could optimize their external impact.

Of course, whether a firm relationship depends on the character, not on the appearance. But whoever wants to meet women first, has to score somehow at the first meeting: And the first thing we perceive in our counterpart, that's his appearance. Boy, remember one thing: The first impression counts and you will never get another chance for the first moment of the encounter.

When you were a man, when was the last time you went shopping and really bought outfits that fit you? The attractive, grown-up and at the same time look like a male? Good clothes do not necessarily have to be expensive, so please do not come with the argument that you have no money for branded clothes.

A look in the mirror should tell you how satisfied you can be with you.

One more thing: Even with your beard and hairstyle you can change a lot of things about yourself. And if you are wearing glasses and they are from your school days, then you should think about getting a new frame or wearing contact lenses. Because the eyewear fashion is changing.

Mistake # 3: Your self-confidence about women is down

All your friends have multiple relationships, only you, you're still alone. In the phase when everyone else had their first time, you spent your free time gambling. Of course you have the feeling that you missed something. You ask yourself why everyone else has a girlfriend, only you do not. And it pisses you off.

But all this has also meant that your self-confidence in women is now really on the ground. If you get up and go away with your friends in the evening, you do not even want to talk to any women. After all, you know anyway that they are not on you, but on your buddy and of course you have no success with women.

You laugh embarrassed, avoid eye contact, and be glad to have the conversation with the stranger behind you and turn to your buddy. And at the same time you are angry.

Your problem is your lack of self-esteem. Not your figure, not your size, no, just your lack of self-confidence. Who enters a room and radiates directly that he feels uncomfortable, of course, does not attract women.

Women want men who radiate a healthy self-confidence! Well, we want to be honest with you: no one gets a strong self-confidence overnight and certainly not without any effort. To gain self-esteem always means to work on oneself. To help you along the way, click on the following article and read the detailed tips on how to become more self-confident: Effectively boost your own self-confidence.

Mistake number 4: You see in each woman your great love

This point concerns mainly men who have little or no experience with women. As soon as they talk to a woman and she is quite friendly with them, they suddenly hope that the conversation will turn into a flirt, a flirtation into a date, and from that a solid relationship.

Slow down! Anyone who hopes for every conversation with the opposite sex, that something serious develops out of it, scares his counterpart with this behavior. Because: You seem enormously needy in such moments! Unconsciously you convey the message to the woman "Please, please, be nice to me. Please have interest in me, so I'm no longer alone. I do not give a damn about who you are, what you look like, or if you suit me, I just want a partner at last ".

You realize how off-putting these thoughts sound. But how can you free yourself from this neediness? Quite simply, consider every conversation, every flirtation with a woman as a game. A game in which you find out for yourself what appeals to your counterpart. How offensive can you be? How fast can you build body contact? See your conversations with women as a casual exercise and a boon to your self-confidence.

Do not think at this moment whether she would probably be suitable as a partner. That's not what it's all about. It's about making you more relaxed in your dealings with the opposite sex and just having fun, even if there may not be a reunion.

Our conclusion: You have no success with women because you have never changed your life and actively started to work on it

The key point why you do not succeed in women is that you are not ready for change in your life. You read this article, maybe nodding, then put your laptop aside or put the smartphone away, and turn on the TV. Motivation? Zero.

But nothing comes from nothing. Those who are not prepared to become active themselves will never get to know women on their own. Or do you think that your dream lady is about to enter your apartment at night?

The important thing is that you start! And still today! Break with your old habits that have slowed you down so far! Go out more often, work on your demeanor and self-esteem, and make it a new habit to meet new people.

Maybe you're just one of those men who by their very nature will not be able to tackle the crucial issues, even though they want it heartfelt. Then you should definitely inform us about a flirt coaching! Our flirt trainers show you how you can actively approach foreign women in your everyday life, flirt with them and even get their numbers in the end. So that you finally have more success with women. We look forward to hearing from you!

You just do not succeed in women? Here are some more tips:

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