You have a blind date? Why blind dates have become commonplace today

Blind dates are the standard rather than the exception for most singles nowadays.

Almost every single has already made an appointment via Tinder and Co. Although we already get pictures in advance at Flirtapps, both are alienated despite exchanged news and do not really know what they're getting into.

But where does this development come from? And above all, is this positive or negative?

There have been blind dates long before the age of the internet

Thanks to Tinder, it is now easy for every single single person to make an appointment with another single and without much effort. Both do not know each other, only pictures are already known in advance and just what was written together.

Somehow it's not really that kind of blind date, and yet: two people, who have never met each other before in everyday life and are completely alien, make an appointment.

But even our grandparents have done blind dating. As? As was customary at that time: The newspaper search advertised the search for a partner. In a short and crisp description, no more than two sentences, a little personal was written about itself to explain then in a similarly concise form what is being sought. With success.

Incidentally, this is still the case in China today. There are huge markets where thousands of profiles are displayed on singles that are still available.

Why are blind dates and online dating popular as ever?

We live in a time when everything has to be fast and effective. The professional world expects us to be flexible and to have no problems changing places of residence for a new job. This in turn means that more and more people feel lonely despite social media. The job, overtime, a new home, everyday stress, where should new friends, even a partner come from?

Many people try to compensate for this lack online.

Unsurprisingly, more and more people are turning to dating apps like Tinder, Lovoo and Badoo looking for something casual or just great love.

Your first blind date is on? Nothing goes wrong with these tips

1. Do not expect too much

Of course, we hope that the opposite will suit us at least optically directly. It would be perfect if we also understand each other well with the other person, are sympathetic to each other and both know directly that it will come to a second meeting or the date is moved directly into the apartment.

So that's our dream idea. But even if we have previously seen images of the other person, this does not mean that they have been up to date. And you can write a lot. Anyone who confidently comes across messages can still be a gray mouse in real life.

Of course it is wrong to go to the meeting with a negative attitude. Because then the date is guaranteed nothing. However, at the same time, we should not set our expectations too high. Anyone who hopes to fall in love immortally immediately and face the great love will most likely be disappointed.

Do not drink too much with excitement

Depending on the locality you can already tend to look a little too deep into the glass at the first meeting. Somehow we are excited, and since we have not drunk much in the last few months, we do not tolerate anything. And suddenly we get up, go to the bathroom and notice: Oops.

Alcohol relaxes. That's true. But if you drink too much, in the end, you will not be able to get anything, you will start to laugh or you will get other failures. D rather not.

Say what you wish

While some people have absolutely no trouble expressing what they want, others are extremely reluctant at this point.

Ask yourself, what do you expect from the date with him / her. Do you just want to fall in love again because you've been through life as a single for a long time and you want to finally build something in common with another person? Or did your last relationship hurt you to such an extent that you do not want to tie yourself tight in the coming time, just look for something casual?

Whatever it is, express this! Who does not play open cards at the first meeting, is not only unfair to the other person, he also makes himself unhappy.

What good is it to tell him or her that we want something solid just to get the other one to bed? Not only did we break a person's heart, we should not be surprised if we get bombarded with news and are suddenly stalked.

Conversely, we are likely to fall on the nose when we engage in a casual affair, although we find the other person secretly great and would like to be with her.

In order to save ourselves from disappointment, we should therefore remain honest when discussing this topic.

Are the blind dates canceled?

Online dating is, despite profile pictures, relatively anonymous, just because you do not know each other yet. In anonymity, people feel safe. They run hate parades, insult others and dare to say the things they would never pronounce in real life. Unfortunately, this also leads to many people forgetting their manners.

It is not uncommon for singles to gain the lousy experience of being put on the blind date.

Is there a terrible feeling? And why do people do that?

There are the ones who set up age-old images of themselves, on which they look sporty and active. Only that they have since gained 15 kilos and are ashamed of it. Now they can not get out of this and decide on the cowardly way they can go: to displace the other.

Then there are those who are not interested in a real meeting anyway, but just want to test how high their market value is. Not exactly better.

The third case is those who go to the rendezvous, see their blind date from afar, have hoped for something different and just turn on their heels. Not even the fine kind. At least greet the other, lead a short conversation and then promptly explain that it probably does not fit, should have been in there.

And then there is the fourth group of people. Those who have already accumulated so many negative experiences with the opposite sex that they are terribly forbidden and therefore simply want to wipe out the women / men. Lousy number!

But the most important? Do not let it pull you down. If you have been transferred, do not take this personally. Do not look for the mistake. The blame is definitely the low self-esteem of the other!

You have just been disappointed with your blind dates so that you finally want to meet men / women in real life? But you just do not know how to get your dating started? Then inquire for a flirt coaching for men or a flirting workshop for women. Here you will learn how to get in touch with the opposite sex in your everyday life and what you need to change so that you finally find the right person. We look forward to hearing from you.

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