You think you do not have beautiful labia?

The labies of every woman look completely different.

Most women find their genital area anything but beautiful. The fact that in our latitudes has now become established to shave, the view of the labia and the genital area is still exposed.

The pressure of the ideal of beauty on individual women is further intensified by social media. Particularly affected are young girls who are still in the middle of their development. When a person enters puberty, the body begins to change. Suddenly, the breasts start to grow slowly, the first axillary and intimate hair sprout. Many teenagers are also struggling with bad skin, as if there were not enough problems they face every day. Not only the hormonal changes and the resulting moodiness complicate the lives of young people.

Also, the changing body must be accepted and accepted by the young women. As if the young women were not already uncomfortable enough to get their days, they usually additionally struggle with numerous parts of the body. The skin is too dirty, the thighs too thick, the butt too flabby and anyway, what is going on there with her labia?

Beautiful labia where the eye reaches - Except for me!

With our own person, we are always the most critical. And with the genital area whopping and writing quarrel 70 percent of women. Especially young girls have problems with their genital area when they have their first boyfriend and first sexual experiences. Almost every boy has seen porn at this age, and even for most girls, naked women pictures are not new territory.

However, the younger the people, the faster they can be influenced by images from the media. This in turn develops a completely wrong picture of the human body. This becomes critical when it creates complexes. For example, if she is ashamed, because her breasts are not the same size or she has, in her eyes, no beautiful labia.

Labia is available in a wide variety of shapes and colors

It is a (porn industry) fairy tale that a woman only has beautiful labia when the inner labia are absolutely not visible at all and are completely covered by the labia minora. This is even relatively rare. In most women, the inner labia are larger than the outer ones, so they are visible. The color of the labia may vary. From delicate pink to a skin tone to a light brownish color, anything is possible.

Nobody should be ashamed of this!

By the way: as different as the vaginas of women may look, so different are the penises of the men. One has a fully straight penis in the erected state, the other has a limb which bends strongly during erection. Thick, thin, shorter, longer: Again, there are all variations.

I really want beautiful labia - How about an operational reduction?

Yes, labia can be surgically scaled down. But we can not advise you on that. Instead of quarreling with the shape or size of your inner labia, you should try to make friends with them slowly.

First and foremost, the surgery is intended for women who have physical discomfort due to the size of their labia. Because in special cases, women have the problem that the labia rub in various activities. For example when riding or cycling.

If this is not the case with you, we advise you not to waste too much thought on your private parts. If you are still suffering from labia in some years and you are really mentally burdened with this problem, for example, you do not dare to strip in front of a man and you have a very limited sexuality, you can still consider such an operation.

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