You lead a relationship without passion?

Passionately he kisses her by the neck until she can no longer resist him and surrenders to him with pleasure ....

... She moans and presses her pelvis against his, signaling him that she is ready to eat her loins after him.

That, exactly what do you want in your relationship? But instead there is no trace of passion and eroticism?

Many couples, who have spent many years side by side with each other, suddenly realize that the erotic flutes have gone. Longingly, they remember the beginning of their love relationship. As soon as they were alone, they could not keep their hands off each other. There were several times a week, loving kisses were part of everyday life and evening cuddling was a matter of course.

And now? Where are all these beautiful moments going?

A relationship without passion is all about friendship

Anyone who leads a relationship without passion, but nevertheless still understands very well with the partner and feels connected to her, which leads basically only a very close friendship. Against friendship is absolutely nothing to object, quite the opposite. Every partnership always has a friendly character; after all, things like trust, respect, and being together are not just about solid partnerships, but also close friendships.

Maybe it's more with you. Maybe you know that you have found in it your soul mate. You not only feel deep friendship for her, but true love. There is no better feeling than to know that we have finally found someone who suits us and that is our better, second half.

But is the feeling of connectedness enough when the passion has completely disappeared?

A relationship without passion often leads to an infidelity

Love is a unique feeling. Nevertheless, humans also have a sex drive that can not be switched off easily. We can be so happy in our partnership, in the long run we will eventually start to miss the missing eroticism. Suddenly we are torn between the feelings for her and the urge to give in to the advances of our colleague and to get involved with them.

While some people control themselves, keep their urges under control, resist the urge to go alien and continue to live in their basically happy, but sexless relationship, others do not succeed in this and they allow themselves to be led astray.

The lack of passion in the relationship makes for some couples for such a situation, that even some partners feel not enough loved. Especially people who express their love and affection through physical closeness, a relationship without passion is the true hell.

Can the passion be rekindled?

The fact that a couple who has been together for a long time does not have as much sex as at the beginning of the relationship is completely normal. Both have got to know each other better now, being together is not as exciting as it was at the beginning, and everyday life will again take up the necessary space.

However, if there is no more affection between the couple and both are dissatisfied with this situation, it is time to change that.

The first step is to have an open and honest conversation. Maybe our partner does not know how much it bothers us that there is hardly any physical contact? Only a conversation brings light into the darkness, as the partner evaluates the state of the relationship.

It is also important to be careful and to apply that there will be a sustainable improvement only if both try again and again to strengthen each other.

Of course, he has the option of massaging her every evening and begging for sex, she also has the opportunity to approach him more and to kiss him with kissing, but comes back from the partner, no lasting change. It is up to them both to devote themselves to their partnership and to contribute to change.

Active tips to bring back more eroticism in the partnership

What can be the active steps to rekindle the passion in the relationship?

It is advisable to simply integrate more frequent physical touches into everyday life. For example, the firm, heartfelt hug to say goodbye, a tender kiss on the forehead, a loving stroking over the hair.

Especially men should be aware that body contact with the male part often starts when he is in the mood for sex. The woman therefore feels unconsciously urged to sleep with him every time he is touched.

If you are also trapped in this vicious cycle, we suggest that in the next few weeks you will be more affectionate to her and approach her without having any sex in your mind. Just massage her. Kiss yourself intimately and without sex.

At some point she feels that you are generally more passionate about passion and also grows on her side like lust for sex.

Think about your type of contraception too! Hormonal contraceptives like the pill often lower the woman's libido. An appointment with the gynecologist and also the consideration to switch to another contraception, can make sense.

Your last relationship is broken because you have completely disintegrated? Since then you just do not find any other one that suits you and that is suitable for you? Do you wish to be single anymore?

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You lead a relationship without passion? Here are some more tips:

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