You are one-sidedly in love? What you should do next

What to do if you are unilaterally in love?

Well, it has happened to everyone before: we meet this one person, get heartbeat straight away, get excited, do not know what to say and in the end we are disappointed again, because we did not really get into conversation with her.

On the one hand, feeling the butterflies in our tummy and softening our knees is a beautiful feeling, on the other hand it is a pang in our hearts every time we know that our partner does not reciprocate our feelings.

So what options do we have if we fall in love, but nothing comes back from the other person?

Do you even know if you are unilaterally in love?

Many people do not dare when they have fallen in love with communicating this to their loved ones. Too big is the fear of being rejected and finally having to bury the hope of ever getting nearer to it.

Through this behavior, however, we also take the opportunity to find out if there is interest on their side. Whoever makes no hints, perhaps does not even dare to openly flirt with her, must not be surprised that she behaves in the same way as she does with the other men in her environment.

Most women expect the first step from the man. That is, if you never make her feel like flirting with her, that she likes you, that you're interested, then most likely she will not start flirting with you on her own.

Check if you have any chances with her

So before you put your head in the sand because you think you are unilaterally in love, you should first scan if that is the case. Did you ever dare and flirt with her? Or. Does she even know that you exist or do you always admire her from afar?

Here's the first point where you need to start. Many men are already failing to even talk to their dream woman. Ask yourself objectively: How much time have you spent together? How often have you had a conversation? Have you ever flirted with each other or have you ever met in pairs?

What we want to show you: Only when you get in contact with her regularly do you intensify your chances to get to know her better. Of course, it also increases your chances that every time you talk, you'll find more of the benefits to you.

Search more and more often the conversation with her

Who wants to get closer to a woman, must come into contact with her. This means for you, that from this moment you will always be looking for the conversation with her. When you meet, be sure to talk about positive, private things. Not about the job, not about housework at the university, nothing about the stress that you might have right now.

Just ask her how her weekend has been, tell her from your childhood, from your last holiday or what you've done over the holidays.

Through such topics you contribute to getting to know you better and perhaps also discovering new pages on you.

Let it come to random touch

Touch between two people helps increase trust between people. If you hug her longer in your welcome, if you touch her arm and shoulder again and again during your conversations, then you tell her that you are very comfortable talking to her. At the same time you make sure that you arouse interest on your part.

Here it is important to pay attention to how it reacts to your touch. Does she pull her back with her arm? If so, this is a bad signal. This means that you are not (yet) comfortable with your touch. Likewise, it is negative when it freezes during your touch, such as a hug.

Do you feel that she reacts rather restrained to your touch does not necessarily mean that she is absolutely not interested. It could also be the case that she is just extremely shy. In that case, you should approach it more slowly than you would otherwise. Please do not do anything she does not want! As soon as you notice that your closeness or your touch gets too much, you should immediately stop with them! Otherwise, you only destroy the already established trust.

You can not get past it: ask for her number

You want to get to know this woman, after all you are in love with her. This means that you have to organize your number so that you can write to each other and you can give it the day and time when you will meet.

But how do you get her number now? How you plan to change numbers depends on how well you already know each other and how close you are. For example, you have the option of simply saying, "Hey Nadja, I'll give you my number, then we can write to WhatsApp and discuss that more closely, I have to move on now".

How exactly the number exchange itself works, so that you have stored your number in the end in your smartphone, you will find out in this article: Get the number - tips for the number of your dream woman.

You can not force love

Maybe you have really given everything to conquer them, but nothing comes from their side. Being unilaterally in love hurts that we know all too well. Please do not plead that it is up to you that you are not attractive enough, educated enough or anything else. It's not up to you that she has no interest. Maybe she just forgives? Maybe she does not want to get involved with anyone else because she has just had a bad breakup? There can be a thousand reasons why she rejects you.

But that does not mean that you will never find the right one! You've just fallen in love with the wrong women. Heads up! Now, the point is to knock that one woman out of your head that you can not have, and then think back to meeting other women.

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