Love triangle - when we have an affair permanently

And suddenly we are three of us.

The most common form of relationship is the monogamous relationship. Two people share their lives, love each other, have sex.

Of course, there are other forms of relationships. The exact opposite of the monogamous partnership is an open relationship in which both agree to have other sexual partners besides the actual partner.

What kind of relationship we choose depends ultimately on us, our desires and our needs.

However, it becomes critical when outside of the relationship it is not just about sex, but about love.

A one-time infidelity is an exciting adventure for many

Anyone who has lived in a committed relationship for many years knows that flirting with a stranger can be incredibly tingling and pleases us. We love the partner, but in the intoxication of alcohol, with all the compliments and visual charms of our counterpart, we could not resist and spent a wonderful night with the stranger.

We feel coveted, have great sex and suppress the bad conscience.

We do not want to play the moralist here and tell you how bad deception is in a relationship. After all, you're an adult and you know that yourself. No, this article is specifically about triangular relationships.

The loose sex has presented a welcome change for you.

In the intoxication of enthusiasm you have exchanged your numbers. Since then, you write regularly, but of course so that your partner or your partner does not notice. And suddenly you end up in the strange bed again. This time you enjoyed it even more. The sex, coupled with the anticipation and the charm of the forbidden, it has done to you. Somehow, an affair has developed from your casual infidelity and, alas, not only that. Feelings have come from your side as well.

At home, of course, you're hiding what's going on. In the dream you would not think to tell him or her that there is someone else and you are already in a love triangle.

Why are people looking for One Night Stands?

Of course, it is not possible at this point to enumerate all the reasons for cheating in detail. But often it is the longing for something new, for a change, the joy of another person's attention and the beautiful feeling of having a chance with the opposite sex that drives us into the arms of another man or woman for one night,

We enjoy the non-binding, the laxity. But these feelings disappear the longer our affair lasts and especially when we have feelings. While the affair has given us pleasure and joy at the beginning, it now causes mostly negative feelings. We have a guilty conscience, we barely find our way through our own stories of lies and, to put it bluntly, we add to the feelings of guilt the longing for the affair.

How should I deal with my love triangle?

Whether you should confess it to your partner is solely your decision. But it is clear that you have to make a decision. Whether you confess the deception, end the relationship, or pull yourself together and focus on your relationship again, a decision must be made just to make you happy again. After all, you do not want to keep your life that way forever.

Here are some food for thought that will help you to make the right decision.

What happens when you confess the affair:

  • You are very fair to your partner
  • You feel relieved because you have cleared your guilty conscience
  • Your partner knows what she is on and can decide if she wants to forgive you
  • If there are feelings for the affair on your side, your partner is likely to end the relationship

What happens when you end your relationship without stating the reason:

  • You feel relieved because you no longer have to lie
  • You still have a guilty conscience to your former partner / partner
  • You open up the chance to enter into a relationship with the affair
  • You have no guarantee that a relationship will really develop from your affair. Maybe you end up standing alone too.

What happens if you end the affair, do not tell your partner, and focus on the partnership again?

  • You will have a guilty conscience for the rest of your relationship
  • You throw away what connects you, not just for mere crush
  • You will have to work on yourself so that you do not go alien again.

What was the reason that you went astray and you are now in a love triangle?

To make a final decision, you should clearly filter out for you the causes that, in your opinion, have led you to alienate.

  • Was it just the thrill?
  • Are you unhappy in the relationship?
  • Is the sex bad with your partner?

When deciding that even if you come to terms with your affair, the feelings of excitement and thrill will pass away and the relationship will someday become the "boring standard".

It is clear that your situation, as it currently forms, can not stay. You are not fair to your partner with this behavior, nor will you be happy in this way. In a love triangle, one person is too much.

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