Dr. Sybian reveals his secret: why cooking together at the Date leads to success

Why do women care so much when cooking together on their first date?

Learn from guest author Dr. Sybian, why you should definitely cook at the first meeting with her!

Everybody loves the enjoyment. Now, the sense of enjoyment for every human being basically manifests itself in different ways. But all that we humans (and animals and plants) are equal to us in one thing, or rather in three properties. We need to survive, and that's the main drive in us, three things:

  1. To breathe
  2. Drink and eat and
  3. Proximity (with all its different facets).

If we neglect the respiration, because it happens now constantly and more or less unconsciously, the drinking and eating and the proximity remain as the most important parameters of the human being.

For once, men and women do not differ a bit.

This rather trivial and hardly surprising introduction to get to the point that is magic.

With nothing but singing like Eros Ramazotti, as well as Justin Timberlake for the younger ones, or Justin Biber for the fresh ones, you conquer women's hearts more successfully than with a home-cooked dinner for the outsider. Who has paid attention to, understands immediately why this is so ...

So how's the plan?

For the pros: compile favorite menu of starter, main and dessert. Just ask about WhatsApp, what she does not like, or especially like to eat and then it starts ....

Suggest an appointment, make a date, clean up, shopping, cooking. If she looks at you while cooking, the kitchen wine tastes with you, asks curious questions, listen to the appropriate music in the background, the geschnibbelte vegetables tasted and simple zuarbeiten to take over (potato peeling should not go out), the rent is half in there.

You are a romantic, then make another candle and she will try with all her available reason not to fall in love with you - do not succeed !!!

For the half-pros: Reserve a table at your favorite Italian, make sure that the friendly waiter does not look confused, that you are already there with another one and at the same time exchange two dashing slogans, which makes you believe "Ah, here it is So if the TK compartment is empty ".

For all others: Order two tickets for "The Expendables". Nachos and popcorn are also delicious!

Now for those who are interested in science, there are three explanations, why is it that women find it incredibly cute, sexy and masculine, when you cook for them, worry you, take care of them and you surprise them:

  1. Because you are showing that it is worth your while to do so much for you.
  2. Almost all of our emotions are controlled via the abdomen. The usual proverbs I save myself for reasons of space at this point
  3. For the evolutionary theorists among us, there is no doubt that the killed mammoth, braised over the fire in the cave, has demonstrated the power of reproduction in such patriarchal fashion that you can now sit here and read the script.

My recipe for success: Spinach lasagne - Yami! In this sense: "I would like to have breakfast with you, can I invite you for dinner?"

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