The most important do's and don'ts in gay dating

It takes some time before a date becomes a good walk in front of a sunset.

This guide helps to overcome the biggest hurdles.

The Do's and Don'ts of Gay Dating

First of all, there will be no indescribable new insights that revolutionize the rules of conduct in gay dating in this special excursion of flirting university. Usually it is the small things, the details, which favor success on the emotional level or lead to failure. Anyone who considers the following does and don'ts in gay dating will not have to wait long for the partner for life.

This to-do list has to be considered

Creating a binding to-do list for all flirtatious and dating seekers would be a pointless undertaking. However, what certainly works are the following tips. If you stick to it, you are already doing a lot of things right.

1. A well-groomed appearance is the be-all and end-all. It's not about emulating a model on the catwalk and being frustrated because it's not realistic. A well-groomed appearance indicates that you value yourself and care accordingly. That's good!

2. Withstand eye contact. Admittedly, it takes some practice to look the other person in the eye for a long time without looking away. But this very attitude is important in two ways: First, it shows interest. It is also an opportunity to find out if your own interest meets with counter-interest. Attention: Of course, the eye contact must not be boring and unpleasant. Paired with a nice, natural smile, the best look is best.

3. Preserve posture. Probably no one like Al Bundy will depend on the stool on the first date, but at this point it is important to stress how important the posture is. Whoever sits upright signals inner calm and self-confidence. And it's not about the current state of mind, which can be characterized by nervousness, but rather it is about a basic attitude.

About the who-is-who of non-verbal communication or the posture, gestures and facial expressions of a human, Joe Navarro has designed a series of images here. She can help with the preparation for the date.

4. Kindness and honesty is the formula for success. Being friendly is especially important when it comes to the first date. Anyone who has found an interesting partner in the gay dating on this website, for whom there is nothing against meeting this in reality.

The art is now to preserve the friendliness, even if the opposite does not fit into the classic booty scheme at first glance. Kindness means respecting people and giving them a chance as a person. By the way, being honest is not always easy, because honest words can overwhelm, hurt and even make further communication impossible.

Even at the risk of having an honest word that implies consequences, it is still important to educate the other person about what the individual intention of the date is.

5. Stay authentic. It may be difficult in practice to maintain an attitude, to be friendly and to show genuine sympathy. The most important premise that stands above anything that has been on this list so far is the approach of being authentic. It starts with the outfit and does not end with the topics of conversation. An example: To philosophize about esotericism, just to impress, will quickly turn into a hoax.

These behaviors do not lead to success. The dont's

The following list of Dont's can only be similarly non-binding, as the list of recommendations for action listed at the beginning. The people are too individual, too personal is the first date between two people. However, there are some topics that generally arrive poorly.

1. One-sided topic choice. No matter if it is the monologue about the job, the sports club or the family. Everything that seems one-sided resembles a conversation with oneself and that is poison on the first date. An absolutely forbidden topic is by the way the Ex. What he had, what he lacked and why the love failed, has no place here. It counts the search for similarities, then there are also quickly common topics of conversation.

2. Keep future scenarios manageable. Yes, it may work to contract a week after the first date and spend the rest of your life together. But on the other hand comes the saying 'good things do not want to have time' not by chance.

Anyone who has the regional and spatial possibility (and does not live several hundred kilometers away from each other) should take it easy - both in conversation and in action. And if the beginning of a long distance relationship is in the room, maybe these tips will help.

3. A no is a no. Surely the sturdy dissipation meets powerful, nevertheless is and remains a no no. Even a loving eye-catcher can not change that, let alone a few seductive words. Ultimately, it has to be decided out of the situation what the 'no' refers to. A no to the next evening does not have to be a no to the common future. At this point, it is certainly worth listening to, rather than hurting and retreating in disappointment.

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