The Menopause: What exactly happens in the woman's body?

Every woman will one day be affected by it: the menopause.

Every woman is affected by menopause during her life. It is something very natural. When this happens, it can not be said on a flat-rate basis. In some women, menopause already starts in their early forties, others in their mid-fifties.

When the menopause occurs depends largely on how many eggs the woman came into the world. Because eggs do not form during the life of the woman, but these are already present in the body at birth. The fewer oocytes are present at birth, the sooner the body adjusts to the declining supply of oocytes by changing the hormone balance.

At first, many women do not realize that they are coming into menopause. The period just gets a little weaker and lasts no more than five days, but only four and eventually only three. At some point, the distances will be longer, until the days come back.

Complaints during the menopause must not be compulsory! About one third of all women have no complaints, one third have minor complaints and only one third of all women suffer from very severe problems.

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What happens during the menopause?

During menopause, the hormone balance of the woman changes. The ovaries produce less estrogen, which makes the menstrual cycle irregular. As a result, the woman's bleeding can suddenly become stronger or weaker and also come irregular.

Only when the period is completely absent, the woman is no longer fertile. The menopause itself is not a disease, but is part of the life of a woman quite normal, as well as the first period.

However, many menopausal women suffer from certain symptoms, such as hot flashes or sweats, which is why this time is sometimes felt to be very uncomfortable. Especially the hot flashes are causing a lot of problems for women, because the face turns red and one sweats a lot on the face as well.

Of course, the knowledge that the environment perceives this increases discomfort. The libido as well as the moisture of the vagina can go back, as the body feels that the fertility of the woman is less. Especially vaginal dryness can lead to pain during sex.

Skin and hair are also changing. The hair on the head often becomes thinner and less voluminous, the skin gets sunburn faster and age spots become easier. Sun protection is always important, but at the latest when you come into the menopause, you should not do without a face cream with sun protection factor.

What helps against the complaints?

Herbal remedies such as chaste tree or black cohosh often help against these symptoms. If nothing helps and there are additional complaints, such as sleep disorders, memory problems, irritability or even depression, hormone replacement therapy can also be considered to alleviate the symptoms.

In this therapy, the hormones, which the body no longer produces, are added from the outside. However, it must be remembered that the use of hormones may increase the risk of heart attacks and breast cancer. Doctors are therefore often reluctant to give hormone replacement therapy.

However, if women get into premature menopause, for example, at the age of about 35 years, hormone therapy can make sense. Because the female hormones exert a protective function in the body.

For example, starting in mid-30, the bone mass begins to break down. However, the female hormones ensure that this happens only very slowly. If a woman enters menopause at the age of fifty, she still has enough hormones in her life that last until the end of her life. However, if these hormones are absent in the body years earlier, the risk of developing osteoporosis increases.

Menopause often falls into a time of upheaval

Among the complaints is that the menopause usually fall in a period in which anyway much changes in the life of the woman. If she has children together with her partner, at the beginning of the hormone change, the children are in their strenuous puberty or are even about to move out of their homes. These private changes can complicate the menopause in addition to the physical discomfort.

If you are suddenly alone with the partner again, because the children are now living their own lives, this can turn everyday life upside down. The extra hormone chaos can then quickly ensure that like to fly the shreds.

In addition, many women without periods no longer feel like a real woman. The knowledge of being unable to have children makes many feel that they are no longer fully adequate.

A life without the period also offers completely new possibilities. You do not have to be afraid of an unwanted pregnancy, you are already firmly in life at the time of menopause and know what you want and can already look back on some goals that have already been achieved.

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