The most beautiful sayings for the wedding - perfect for greeting cards

Wanted romantic sayings about the wedding?

When a fresh engagement is announced or the wedding has already taken place, it is time to send the appropriate congratulations to the wedding by card. If you do not have the letter and you can not find an individual congratulation, romantic wedding spells for such a card are equally suitable.

Romantic wedding sayings for fiancee and newlyweds

♥ The right person at the side is not the one with whom life is always funny, but the one without whom life is unbearable.

♥ The most wonderful memories are never collected alone, but always in pairs.

♥ It does not matter which way you go. It is important with whom you deny him.

♥ May your life become the most beautiful love story the world has ever heard of.

♥ The most beautiful thing about love? When two lives become one.

♥ lucky? Luck is to know, to have finally found the soul mate.

♥ Each person meets the great love. Thank god you recognized her immediately.

♥ Love does not look with the eyes, but with the heart.

♥ The beautiful on luck? It doubles when you share it.

♥ Love is not just an entertaining emotion, but a conscious and eternal decision.

♥ True love is when you understand the spouse without talking to him.

♥ We are nowhere at home without a loving partner.

♥ If two lovers understood each other so well, the wedding was in sight.

♥ Love does not take, she gives.

♥ A wedding is coming - Two singles less on earth, but a happy couple more.

♥ The married couple are properly married when they understand each other without words.

♥ A marriage is based on two important things: finding the right person and being the right person.

♥ A wedding is not yet the happy ending, but the beginning of a happy story.

♥ If two lovers have found each other, conflicts may be difficult phases, but not obstacles.

♥ You are happily married when homecoming is more enjoyable than leaving home.

♥ True love is affordable with no money in the world.

♥ We exist without love. Only with the right thing on the side do we start to live.

♥ Loving a person completely means not only accepting his faults, but also loving them.

♥ Love should never be the same. She must constantly grow so that she does not become less and less in the long run.

♥ Love is a game of two, where both win in the end.

♥ Love is the only reliable way to be happy in life.

♥ True love trusts and hopes.

♥ Love is the key to a happy life.

♥ Only false love fears the marriage, because true love seeks her.

♥ Only when we lose our heart, we discover in a wonderful way that we have one.

Many sayings about the wedding may be listed here, but are you looking for another spell? We have even more posts with sweet love spells for you!

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