The most beautiful gift ideas for Christmas for the partner

How to find great Christmas gifts for your sweetheart

In not even three months is Christmas! And you have no idea what you can make your sweetheart happy this year? Then it's time to think about it.

You know yourself, how bad is it, if just any gift ends up under the tree and you have to make a good face for the bad game? This article will help you put joy in your sweetheart's face and give you some ideas that do not end up under the tree every year.

Attractive event presents

Event gifts are a real highlight. Here you will find pretty much everything you can dream for your sweetheart - and for you. Because at the best events you participate together with your partner. That's how giving presents is even more fun and you can spend time together. But what is there? Well, really something for every taste. Some examples:

  • Crime dinner or crime thrills - with you in the area is nothing going on? You will be surprised. Because in many areas Crime tours or Krimidinner are offered that have real potential. And there are variants. On some tours you visit real crime scenes, on other tours you simply slip into the roles of Sherlock and Dr. Watson and solve cases together. If you want to combine that with a good meal right away, the mystery dinner would be something for you. But beware: one will not survive the evening. At least within the game.
  • High up - as a couple do you have the feeling that you have to go up in the air? Forget the argument, let action follow. Winter may not be the perfect time to go, but at Christmas you can find great bargains for parachute jumps, hot air balloon trips or zeppelin. The event will take place in the spring.
  • Creepy - similar to the crime thrills there are of course horror tours. Well, depending on the character of your sweetheart, it may of course be enough if you put on a clown mask and tie balloons to the gulli in front of the house. But that would be a pretty boring gift, right? Then check out if you can not find a scary trip through your city or if there are horror tours with you.

If you look around a bit on the event pages, you are guaranteed to find something for your loved one. After all, there is hardly anything that does not exist. Of course, that is only true from a very certain point of view.

Romantic short breaks

You already know that the Christmas season is getting dull? Can you imagine better things than sinking at the table between Christmas geese and Sauerbraten? Then pack your bags, grab your partner and go traveling. Romantic short breaks are announced as never before and with the right offers you will come really relaxed from vacation. Short trips even have several advantages:

  • Short duration - for many trips you do not even need to take a vacation, because you can put them perfectly on a weekend - or on the holidays.
  • Proximity - even within Germany you can find dreamlike romantic travel destinations. All you have to do is search a bit.
  • Variety - sometimes the change of scene is what brings new momentum to your relationship. And since most short trips can be combined with great highlights, you are guaranteed the momentum.

How about a trip to a romantic mountain hut in the Alps? In front of the fire, it can be cuddled perfectly. If the cabin is too remote for you, you will find wonderful romantic trips in the big cities. Many offers are available for little money, so you do not even have to dig deep into your pocket.

Tip: If you book the trip at the turn of the year, you have to hurry. This idea has many and especially the places in the big cities or popular European cities are sought after.

Respond to hobbies and interests

The best gift comes from the heart. Yes, that's a nice saying, but sometimes among us: Your aunt's self-made gloves may have been knitted with love, but you really can not do that, right?

So can your partner, if you think about the gift, but it does not really meet his preferences. It is never wrong to consider the hobbies and interests of the partner. Yes, admittedly, some hobbies can annoy you and maybe you can not understand with the best of intentions what your partner finds so great about computer games or photography. But: If it's his hobby, here's where to start finding gifts:

  • Use hobbies - whatever hobbies your partner has, you'll find something he needs. Is he collecting something or does he like certain movies? Then think a little around the corner and see if there are not any gimmicks from the area.
  • Innocently listening - maybe you're in luck and your partner is already complaining that he still needs a part. If not, engage with the hobby and check in between, if not something is missing.
  • Know interests - especially in a still fresh relationship, it is not so easy to determine what the partner likes at all. After all, you have not spread each other's life yet, have you? Then use the cuddling lessons in the evening and feel a little bit ahead. And remember, it does not necessarily have to be a great gift for your partner to be happy. Realizing that you have dealt with him and his interests, even the smallest gimmick can be enough.

Conclusion - this Christmas is going to be great

Yes! In fact, it will. Because you will find a great gift for your sweetheart and really surprise him. Just look around a bit and think what might suit him. This Christmas will be an event - in the true sense of the word.

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