The practical event app for your smartphone: How to find the best event

Looking for a cool event app for your mobile?

You are looking for cool apps for your smartphone, with which you can see the events in your area?

Weekend after weekend, the key question is how to make the most of the free evening. What kind of events are there only in the vicinity this evening? And what are the friends doing?

Mühsam is therefore Facebook durchgeklickt looking for cool events. If the search is completed, buddy is called or written for mates and it is clarified, who wants to do what and if there is already a plan.

What is done quickly in some cliques and is easily organized, takes forever in other circles of friends. By the time the evening is planned, two hours have passed and the desire to take action sinks to zero, due to all the previous disagreements. However, there are also apps that make this organization easier.

The event app evening

The evening event app offers many features at once. It indicates which events take place where and when on this evening. These events are displayed on a map.

Thus, the user sees directly at first glance, which of the events are in his vicinity and for which he has to plan the outward and return journey rather. The events, however, are exclusively events that are also registered on Facebook.

These events can also be displayed in a list. In the first places are always the celebrations, which are the most rewarding. This will help users decide where to go tonight.

In addition, this event app has the luxury of displaying a women's and men's rate. So if someone is looking for a partner or in a flirtation mood, he can be shown how many men or women will be present. The decision can therefore also be made dependent on the potential dating success.

In addition, your own friends can indicate there, which location they will visit this evening. If you realize that three of your people are already driving to the next big city for a very special event, you no longer have to ask in several groups or individual messages who is doing what on that evening.

The login is done via Facebook, whereby the evening app can be used as a guest in the meantime. As a guest, no login via Facebook is necessary. The app works throughout Germany. If you would like to search for events in a particular city, you can simply change the city in the menu. The evening event app thus enables stress-free evening planning, where you can directly see if your friends are already interested in a specific event.

Another event app: Virtualnights

The Virtualnights app also shows you which events are taking place in your city. In addition, this app offers the feature that it also displays reviews. So you can read the experiences of other visitors to the celebration and make your decision depending on whether you also want to spend your evening there.

With the event app Virtualnights you will not simply see all celebrations that are registered on Facebook, but the displayed events are specifically selected by an editor.

Photos from past events are also uploaded to give you a better idea of ​​what to expect. Thanks to this app, users are always up to date on what's happening around them.

Negative falls on virtualnights, especially the many advertising. The loading times unfortunately leave something to be desired. Especially the registration does not always work without an error message. Unfortunately, not all festivals in the area are displayed.

In our test, therefore, the app cuts off evening better. With this app, the selection of events is just bigger, the app also runs faster and does not crash. Nevertheless, you should not let it unsettle you. Both apps have their advantages and disadvantages. Try out the apps and find out which appeals to you more.

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