The phases of a relationship: How true love evolves

Partnerships change over time

Each person experiences in the course of his life that partnerships change over time. At the beginning you still feel the agitated tingling sensation in the abdominal area, but this can sometime after. But you know each other better and trust each other more and more.

However, many couples do not know that it is a perfectly normal process, that the emotions change. They interpret this as an alarm signal and end the relationship because they feel that they no longer love their partner enough.

So it often happens that many people take themselves the chance to develop a deep love. So now let's introduce you to the different phases of a relationship.

The different phases of a relationship: the butterflies

At the beginning of a relationship, the infatuation phase always occurs. We all know this feeling. If we see the partner, we are a little bit upset. Everything about him is still exciting and new. We do not notice little quirks on him or dismiss them as "cute".

We are on the famous cloud seven, from which one always hears. Again and again we surprise our partner with little attentions and do everything we can to present ourselves only from the best side.

Because although we can hardly wait for the meetings with our Schatzi, we feel insecure. We want to hide our little physical blemishes like scars or little hair growth, so that we leave the best impression.

During the infatuation phase, the couple grow together and above all, the similarities between each other. Quickly in the head wonderful scenarios are painted: From the dream vacation together to the first apartment is all there.

However, this phase does not last forever. After 1 1/2 years at the latest this is over. That's why many couples split up before their two-year-old. They interpret the missing tingling wrong and believe that the feelings are no longer sufficient. But even if the partners stay together this does not mean that the relationship will last forever. However, a good condition has already been created.

Phases of a relationship: the differences between us

In the second phase of the relationship we get to know our partner from another side. We no longer feel the butterflies in our bellies and increasingly perceive the character traits of the other, which do not suit us at all.

We are increasingly asking ourselves whether one is not too different. Nevertheless, certain moments in the partnership prove again and again that while there are many differences between us and the partner, there are also many similarities.

During this phase we tend to criticize and criticize minor things about our partner. Why does she always have to keep her alarm clock three times in the morning before she finally gets up? Why does he never manage to be really punctual?

During this phase, most couples part. While many can cope with the missing butterflies, most do not know how to deal with the many quarrels and do not realize that this will pass. However, if the partners stay together they have the chance to experience real love. Because only when the big infatuation phase is over at the beginning are we able to perceive the partner as he really is and to love him for it.

It is all about how we deal with the differences between us in the next decisive phase, which we are already aware of.

Phases of a relationship: We want to change him or her

In recent months, potential conflict situations have emerged more and more. By now we know exactly which quirks the partner has and we can also say exactly which quirks disturb us less and which more.

However, we find it difficult to simply accept the partner with these mistakes. That's why we unobtrusively try to somehow change the partner. We just have not completely settled with the negative sides of our partners and annoy us more and more about them. Often the thought flows through our heads and we have the feeling that we have chosen the wrong partner.

Although we basically know that we can not change our partner, we secretly hope we can train him to do certain things.

Phases of a relationship: Love grows

Once the previous phase is over, we have learned something important from it: to fully accept and love the partner, even with his mistakes. After all, we are not faultless ourselves. We have understood that a healthy love always involves compromises. Nevertheless, we now know how to deal with the different wishes and ideas.

We are not as focused on our partner as in the infatuation phase but trying to develop ourselves. Nevertheless, we give our partner the feeling that we are always there for him. This creates deep love.

Until this time is reached, you have already been through many crises. We now know how to deal with the weaknesses of the partner and have deep trust in each other. We accept each other and we finally feel welcomed by our partner.

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