The modern woman - why women should take the first step!

The modern woman - why even women should take the first step to get a bit closer to their dream man!

It seems to be burnt in our heads that men should always take the first step. We women make a career, raise great kids and rock suits at least as well as the male gender. Why do we all then cross over when it comes to flirting, getting to know each other and addressing? In this article you will find out why you as a modern woman should take the first step and what you can learn from baskets!

The modern woman - what have you got to lose?

We all bear the fear of rejection and rejection so that they can block our way. This blockage in the head ultimately prevents us from addressing the person we find particularly attractive and interesting. We all go out of the worst and think about how awful it would be to get a basket of the sweet guy now. Embarrassing! And you know what?

Most men are just the same! They fear that you will let them down coldly and show them the cold shoulder. In the end, it costs a tremendous amount of effort to talk to you. Always remember what you have to lose in the worst case. Sure, the situation is really not nice when you get dumped, but you should clearly take that risk for love.

At worst, it creates an embarrassing situation in which you would most likely sink into the ground. But with your proven courage, the world will continue to turn just as it did before. At best, the guy still takes the whole as a compliment and feels flattered.

Your self-confidence should be so great that you do not mind a discharge. Take the response as a winning experience and learn from the possible mistakes you may have made. The next time it will certainly run much better.

The modern woman - strengthen your self-confidence!

If you get positive results, then you can successfully strengthen your self-confidence. The fear of rejection will most likely resonate, but you should focus on using your chances successfully. How many times have you seen a man you like and then in the end not addressed? The sweet guy just can not get out of your head and you are deeply angry that you did not dare.

If you succeed in speaking and the other one shows interest, you will associate a positive feeling with this experience. Your self-confidence will be strengthened and the response including flirting, you will always easier. Even through the negative experiences, you can only learn and use them for the future. It goes without saying that you sometimes meet men who are forgiven or simply have no interest.

But you must not take this too personally, because he will certainly take it as a compliment that you have overcome yourself to address him. So you have the other a good feeling and can therefore also give yourself one. In order to address anyone, we need courage and a lot of overcoming. These things become, from time to time and every man addressed, ever stronger.

The modern woman - How to make the first step!

First, you should bring the necessary motivation and find some fun in the whole situation. Once you have looked around your area and found someone you find interesting, you should get ready to send out the first signals. Usually this is enough to be addressed by the man. Because men are always waiting for the signal of the women.

If you want to address him directly then you should definitely not use the boring and not original standard slogans / Anmachsprüche. We women do not want to hear first, whether we fell from the sky, or that our eyes to his new bedding fit. Instead just say that you find it very interesting and that you really like it. Be open-minded, honest and authentic.

With such a species you will definitely score. The first contact should definitely arise through nice small talk. Body language and facial expressions also send out signals that can underline your interest. Set the focus on your open art. So you will definitely arrive much better! Nice compliments that are not too exaggerated and set, like men like. Like us women, they convey a positive feeling that makes the situation more appropriate and pleasant.

We clearly realize that we have the specific value to be addressed. Attack situation-dependent topics. Look around your surroundings to orient yourself to things that you can behold. You can also record what you've said and make connections from it. Do not be afraid of embarrassing silence or a stopping flow of speech. Silence should not always be considered a negative aspect. Because these offer you the opportunity to think about certain things and to collect your thoughts.

The modern woman - do not always wait for the men!

Himself is the woman! It simply does not do anything to always wait for the dream man. Who usually addresses us? Confident men most likely to appeal to women more often. The men who are shy and never approach the opposite sex will usually not get your attention either. So look out for yourself and approach the people you like personally.

There is simply nothing to always want to wait for something without wanting to seize opportunities. No one says that you should go out in a targeted way to desperately appeal to any man you like. But you can expand your possibilities considerably, even if we as women take the initiative. The response requires a lot of overcoming, no matter what gender.

In any case, you should always appreciate when someone addresses us. After all, let us imagine what an overcoming of the response for ourselves would be or is, we are also netter with rejection!

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