The missionary position - the classic sex position

What makes the missionary position a classic?

The name of the missionary position comes from the sex researcher Alfred C. Kinsey. The name goes back to the fact that Kinsey explains that Christian missionaries in the South Seas wanted to move the locals there to decent sex positions, just like the missionary position. The missionary position is the classic among all sex positions, and is popular with both young and old.

The pros and cons of the missionary position

Especially younger people, who are not yet very experienced or maybe even virgin, are big fans of the missionary position. The benefits are obvious: Both can look each other in the eye, you can kiss each other and caress each other.

For women, however, this sexual position also has a major disadvantage: The clitoris is stimulated only slightly, which is why it is often difficult to come to orgasm. An additional stimulation of the clitoris with the fingers is not possible at the missionary position. In addition, the man with his penis can not penetrate as deep as it is the case in other positions. For this reason, many couples sooner or later look for other positions.

The missionary position does not have to be boring!

Although she is so incredibly popular, her reputation leaves much to be desired. As boring and as Blümchensex she is often scolded, it depends primarily on what the two partners make of the sex position.

If the woman lies motionless under the man and allows the sex to endure without the hint of enthusiasm or movement (ironically often referred to as dead starfish), it is clear that the partner does not necessarily feel motivated by it.

But even the missionary position, it is possible to push harder or faster, or as a woman to move the Becker stronger.

By the way: Anyone who has ever dealt with the Kamasutra, will have already found that many of the local sex positions are basically just variations of the missionary position.

Small variations provide a more intense sense of missionary position

If a woman in the classic missionary position has problems with reaching a climax, it can help to push a pillow under the buttocks. As a result, the pelvis is higher, which rubs the clitoris on the man's pelvis and is stimulated. In addition, the partner can penetrate deeper into her, which also increases the chance for her to come even vaginal.

Of course, the woman also has the opportunity to wrap her legs around him. This is a rather romantic position as it makes them both closer and allows them to enjoy that intimacy.

The position feels very different for both of them, when she puts her legs on his shoulders. For him, it suddenly becomes narrower, at the same time he can penetrate much deeper into it. Due to the changed position, it is also possible that he stimulates her clitoris with her fingers. But beware: if he is particularly well equipped, this position can cause pain in her.

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