The big love - How do I finally find my dream wife?

You are over 30 years old and still single?

Until a certain age, it did not bother you that all your buddies were hard-coded while you were the only single. However, when the first of your friends solemnly announced that his girlfriend Lena is pregnant and they will marry, you have noticed a slight stab inside.

And meanwhile? By now most of your friends are not only happy, but even married. You often spend the weekends alone, because your friends are now busy elsewhere. There is no time left to gather around the houses on the weekends. Instead, they help their partner with the household and enjoy the free time with the children.

Only you are still alone. You are the sad rest, the remnant.

When can I finally find my dream wife?

What's been up to you so far that you've always been single?

Many men repeatedly make the same mistakes that stand in their way to meet their dream woman. Maybe you have become a victim of one of those fixed routines that prevent you from finally meeting the woman who completely turns your world view upside down?

  • You spend your free time only with your small, exclusively male circle of friends and make no new contacts
  • You pay insufficient attention to your appearance and do not get the best out of you yet
  • You do not know what you can generally talk to strangers about, and women stop it altogether
  • You are shy and do not actively go to the opposite sex
  • You are firmly convinced that there is no woman in the world that suits you.

I want to find my dream woman - get out of the vicious circle

Anyone who persuades himself that he does not have a chance for women anyway and that women play the bogeyman (women are so angry, they ignore me or reject me) will never really find a partner. Why it is like that?

Quite simply because your own attitude blocks you. It prevents you from showing yourself open, confident and communicative. She stands in your way. Like a huge wall, your attitude is between you and the opposite sex. And whatever you do, you just can not find a small hole through which you can slip through.

The only thing that really helps is to tear down this wall. Away with pessimism, frustration and self-pity. Or do you really think that women find it attractive when a man squats alone in his shack all day out of sheer frustration, just eats TK pizza and whose only meaningful activity is to get up in the morning and go to work?

The point is this: not only that your negative attitude in conversation with a woman always shines through and she knows well how negative you are against her. Anyone who hides at home, because he has only a small circle of friends and is frustrated because of that, will also meet new people. Or how often does a strange beauty stroll through your living room?

You see, if you want to find your dream woman, you have to change your previous life!

Project "my dream woman": make frequent contacts and practice in small talk

In our everyday life we ​​have many encounters with strangers, with whom we can theoretically hold a short small talk, but in the end we do not do it. Why is this? Mostly because we are afraid of rejection. It does not matter whether the S-Bahn is the old gentleman next to us or a neighbor in front of us at the cash register, whom we only know fleetingly. We could start a short conversation, but we are afraid to be rejected.

So we prefer to leave it from the beginning and look at the floor, instead of talking to the other person.

But that's exactly what you're going to change in your life from today. From now on, you'll be able to take advantage of every situation that comes with keeping small talk with other people. No matter if you are old, young or male - this new routine will help you to become more self-confident and therefore easier to handle when dealing with women.

In this way you also lose your shyness and become more and more relaxed in the presence of women.

Project "My Dream Woman" - Target women in everyday life

Only those who actively approach women also get to know women. Because, the point is still the: Despite emancipation, women expect that he comes first step from the man. Very easily.

You do not dare? Okay, then please keep the following in mind: Most women spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day. They get their hair done, put on make-up, make a fitting outfit. And they do that to show their best side and also because they want to impress men. The women want to be addressed!

How exactly you manage to approach a foreign lady in the middle of the day, to address her and to conquer her heart, you will find out in our article about the radius.

Project "My Dream Woman" - Improve your styling

Every person wants to be loved for his character and not be chosen as a partner solely because of his appearance.

The big but is that if we meet a (yet) strange man, the first thing we see in him, is his appearance. About his appearance, we gain the first impression and within a few seconds, we decide whether we find our opposite sexually attractive or not.

However, most men underestimate how much they can change their appearance for the better with their styling, their choice of clothing and their hairstyle.

Numerous and detailed styling tips for men can be found here and here. Take the advice to heart and try to implement some of the tips to improve your look.

The Project "My Dream Woman" - Let someone introduce you to the world of flirting

Maybe you have a good friend, who always has a lot of success with women? Then just go out with him and watch how he behaves with women and what he does differently than you. Counselor books can also help you look more masculine and have more success with women.

If you do not have someone to take you by the hand, then you should consider booking a flirt coaching. Our flier experts will show you how to actively approach, approach and flirt with strangers. You will learn how to easily and without fear lead a conversation with them and in the end even get their number. So that you finally find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

Where is my dream wife? Tips on how to find a partner

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