The big love: why she is so special and you can fall in love again

Do we recognize the great love at first sight?

You think you have found your great love or are afraid that you will not be able to find it anymore?

The big love: It is beautifully illustrated in films and is fortunately also found in real life. You, too, sooner or later find great love, if you have not found it yet.

But how do I know it's the one big love? And if it did not work, can I ever love again? - Yes!

Indications that you have found the great love:

You shine at all times:

Whether in the boring lecture, in full swing, on the stressful work: no matter when and where you are: your permanent grin is almost indispensable to your face.

That's no wonder for the many happy hormones. You are so happy that you smile, even if nothing exactly happened. It's just your current situation that seduces you to keep smiling.

You think about him / her all the time:

You have no orderly thoughts as everything revolves around him / her? You always think about him / her, even if you do not even think properly!

It shows how important this person is to you and how it affects you. Through this person you forget other things, or even are less concentrated. Totally normal! That's something very nice, that your thoughts are only devoted to your great love.

You feel comfortable with her / him:

You have found your great love when you feel really comfortable with the person. You are not embarrassed, you can be as you are and feel comfortable in every mood with him / her. You can not imagine a better place in the world than being next to her? Your mood rises immediately when you are with him / her.

You can not imagine anyone else but your great love by your side:

If you have found your great love, then you do not doubt her or think that there could be someone better. There is no better person for you and you can not imagine anyone else next to you. Even the flaws or blemishes you find beautiful on him / her and would not replace them for any other property. You take him / her with all its corners and edges.

Great love and distance: reluctant!

Another sign that you have found your great love is that you do not want to be long away from him / her. You would like to stay with him all the time or want to feel his presence. And if you are separated for a while, then you even count the hours or days until you finally meet again. The joy is even greater, so that your heart begins to race.

Your mood is dependent on him:

He / she is in a bad mood and suddenly you are not in such a good mood anymore? He / she is totally happy, and you are all at once, even if your day did not go so well? Your mood is clearly dependent on him / her and shows what influence this person can have on you.

But "dependent" is not just a negatively connoted term. Is not it nice to see that the other person can put himself in his position?

But if the great love was not enough, then follows a separation or divorce. Many ask: Can I ever love this again? Can I find such a love again? Do I really have to live alone for the rest of my life?

Every break is sad in its own way, but the path continues. Everything happens for one reason - a philosophical sentence, but the truth is behind it. The time together should always be remembered positively.

Still, you can love in the future, even if it does not seem like it in the beginning. Do not lock yourself up to the outside world, on the contrary, open up and discover something new. Just because love has failed does not mean that there is not one out there who will love you just as much, if not more!

It's a matter of time, so do not despair if your own dates miss and the right one does not come at the time.

Sooner or later you will love again! You should never say, "But it's not like the previous relationship." Love can not and should not be compared, since every relationship in its own way is the great love. You feel different for each person. That's why you will be able to love again after a separation or divorce.

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